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What is Light Rail?
Catalog #: 64160
What is Light Rail?
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What is Light Rail?

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Catalog#: 64160

What is Light Rail? What form of transport allows you to travel about town smoothly,comfortably,quietly looks great ... Doesn,t spew out noxious fumes over pedestrians reaches right into city center pedestrian areas doesn,t need parking is economical to use runs so frequently you don,t need a timetable and generally makes city life that bit more civilized when everything else is making it less civilized? There - you knew the answer all along - Trams We can also offer Light Rail! The modern term LRT ,Light Rail Train, embraces trams but the LRT goes further - and faster - than traditional tramways - and so more smoothly and even with style and ,pizazz,. Asian Dragon through our vast and strong network are proud to have visited perhaps one of the biggest and best train manufacturers certainly in Asia ... We are direct and can assist your city to implement a new modern mass transport system ...

Catalog Number: 64160
Category: Vehicles Trains
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