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Needed Hajj
Catalog #: 85063
Needed Hajj
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Needed Hajj

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Catalog#: 85063

Please quote: Base: Jeddah Period: from July 24 for 3 months 800 hours We will need 5 crews Crew must speak Arab. If you do not have we can assist Logistics on base must be provided by you. If not possible my client can assist. The above is the minimum requirement. But we will like to extend it as follows:  Lease Term: from 01 August 2017 to 31 July 2018; We can extend it more but we need a lower rate.  MGH 2000 BHrs for 300+-seater or 450+-seater respectively, per unit for entire lease period.  Seats configuration: Minimum 300 seats and 450  Minimum Seat pitch 30 inch.  Cycle ratio (3 to 1) and (4 to 1) for 300-seater and 450-seater, respectively.  MFD must not be earlier than 1999, younger aircraft are preferable.  Operating base at JED – KSA.  Deployment: Mainly Iran, North Africa (Algiers/ Morocco), Turkey, Indian sub-continent, Far East, ME, Gulf & Europe. Please quote your ACMI rate which shall include the following cost parameters:  (4) Sets of crew in Umrah, increased to (5) sets in Hajj.  Aircraft Marshaling at the base.  Hull & Third Party Insurance covering the Lease Term.  Aircraft should have functioning Audio & Video entertainment system.  Aircraft in White Fuselage with Lessee standard lettering on both sides and Logo on the tail (decals)  Aircraft delivery/ re-positioning cost (excluding fuel for re-positioning flight) Client have done business for more than 20 years. Please advise what you can quote.

Catalog Number: 85063
Category: Aircraft
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