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Baby Blanket
Catalog #: 86628
Baby Blanket

Dragon's Price: .55  USD
Catalog#: 86628

Baby Blanket Baby Blanket Throw Big Quantity of 122,400pcs Polar Fleece 100% Polyester 140GSM Size : 30, * 30, 4 Colors with equal Quantities- Yellow , blue , pink and green . Branded as Angel of Mine, Originally Made for USA Very Good Quality with Elegant Trimming Each pc comes with a Printed Paper Head 36 pcs with 4 colors ( 9 pcs each ) in a master carton. Carton Packed Already with Total Volume of 110CBM Price US $ 0.55/PC FOB PRC Taking Whole Lot One Shipment

Catalog Number: 86628
Category: Clearance/Liquidations
Date Added: August 11, 2017 4:59
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Dragon's Price: .55   USD
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