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One card with 4G
Catalog #: 87187
One card with 4G

Dragon's Price: 2.90  USD
Catalog#: 87187

Card with 4G the Business card of the future ... give a business card thet your customers will use over and over and not forget you Customized as You like USB Flash Drive Our supplier produce thousands of different usb flash drives, metal,pen,cartoons, wooden,crystal,cute,rubber,wrist,lanyards,OTG .all models support print logo. support customized to any shape your need. Makes your business card memorable and not just stuck away in a card folder with hundreds of others Customer Cases What We Do Slim card case $5.00 Only $2.90 Including your logo, Gift box, Retail box . Fast Delivery time --3 to 5 days. MOQ 500

Catalog Number: 87187
Category: Electronics/Computers
Date Added: September 4, 2017 3:32
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Dragon's Price: 2.90   USD
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