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Boeing 777 200ER/Lease/Purchase
Catalog #: 87488
Boeing 777 200ER/Lease/Purchase Boeing 777 200ER/Lease/Purchase Boeing 777 200ER/Lease/Purchase Boeing 777 200ER/Lease/Purchase
Category:  Aircraft
Boeing 777 200ER/Lease/Purchase

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Catalog#: 87488

Boeing 777 200ER/Lease/Purchase ​Aircrafts available - 3 YOM 1997 X 2, 2005 X 1 Passenger Capacity - up to 420 Presently 402 seats - multi-class Lease/Purchase Funding -can be difficult. That is why we started to offer a funding program of commercial aircrafts in the form of a lease/purchase. Lease part can either be dry or acmi. Requirements: 1. Lessee must be properly vetted financially and verifiable. 2. We must bring the aircraft up to date in servicing and refurbished inside and out so it’s like new. 3. Aircraft can be provided by our company or yours. 4. Deposit will be required with the balance paid out over 48 month period - after delivery. 5. Title not transferred until final payment has been made. 6. Can be any aircraft - Boeing or Airbus preferred. 7. Deposit and monthly payments through Insured Aircraft Title Co.

Catalog Number: 87488
Category: Aircraft
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