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When you need a BBJ type of aircraft But don't want to spend BBJ prices!
Catalog #: 87489
When you need a BBJ type of aircraft But don't want to spend BBJ prices!

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Catalog#: 87489

When you need a BBJ type of aircraft But don,t want to spend BBJ prices! VVIP Aircraft YOM 2013 Passenger Capacity - 19 Range - 3700 NM Cabin Measurements - Height - 2M Width - 2.43M Length - 25.7M General - Experience ultimate luxury in the Lineage 1000, which offers the vast space of an ultra-large jet with fice distinct privacy zones for as many as 19 people. The different zones can be outlined as work centers and meeting spaces, or for gathering dining and sleep, with seclusion for VIP ́s. Two private lavatories, a Stan-up shower complete this restorative environment. Cabin Equipment - Iridium Aircell Telephone In-Flight Phone System Power Outlets (115V/60HZ) 10 CD Multi CD player 3* Audio Auxiliary Inputs (for iPod) Data Port Cabin Wi-If High Speed Internet Access (864 kbps) 13 Speaker Cabin Surround Sound System Headsets – Noise Cancelling 3* CD/DVD players Airshow 4000 4* 17 Inch LCD screens (1*32 Inch LCD) Full Gallery and Wet Bar 2 Convenction Oven + Microwave Oven Ice drawer Espresso machine Refrigerator or wine chiller Touchscreen monitor for master control of cabin systems Avionics - Honeywell Primus EPIC containing: • Epice software LOAD • CPDLC –ATN B1 capability • Selcal capability • Standard avionics meet all requirements for global operations • Fly-by-wire flight controls: roll, pitch, yaw • Category II approach certified • Dual Cursor Control Devices (CCD) • RNP AR 0.3 • Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) • Windshear detection system • Runway Awareness and Advisory System (RAAS) • Dual FMS, including Worldwide databse capability, vertical glide path mode, coupled LNAV/VNAV and LPV capability • Communication Mngmt Function • ACARS with 3rd VHF modes • Class 2 Electronic Flight Bag • 2n dRadio Altimeter System • Dual Multifunctional Control and Display Unit (MCDU) • Smart Probes • Dual HF and VHF Systems Price ONLY to serious RWA client we will require mandate and LOI

Catalog Number: 87489
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