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100 td plant
Catalog #: 88619
100 td plant
Category:  Plant/Equipment
100 td plant

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Catalog#: 88619

100 td plant Plant main Features: 100 Metric Tons per Day Natural Gas liquefaction Plant was commissioned in 2008-2009. It was run for 4 months , operated or no more than 4 months in shut down due to non ​availability ​of natural ​gas​ feedstock. Can accommodate very poor feed gas quality (high CO2 and N2 content). Feed gas pressure : minimum 28 barg, up to ~ 100 barg Plant Feed Gas flow rate : 7 Nm3/h , Power 3.7 MW .3 phase 50 Hz 3 LNG storage tanks for 1,5-days production (150 MTD). Double LNG truck-filling pumps, single truck-filling loading bay, weighting scale. ​Additional information available to real serious buyer with mandate to ADI and proof of available funds (BCL) Location: Europe. Price $USD12 Million

Catalog Number: 88619
Category: Plant/Equipment
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