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Catalog#: 88658

PLANTERS COSMETIC ,Made in Italy, Planter,s is the perfect model for a successful brand that has been able to cross borders in great strides, thanks to its team of professionals who are always catering to the needs of the market by creating high quality, natural, cosmetic products. The objective of Planter,s is to provide people with the best products, especially for those who strive to be ,eco-conscious,. Planter,s skin care lines are formulated by carefully selecting natural ingredients, not tested on animals, safe on skin, and satisfaction guaranteed. One of the keys to Planter’s success is without a doubt the attention devoted to research and development aimed at consistently improving the quality of products, by studying new formulas while respecting human health and the environment. 13.189 pcs of PLANTERS COSMETIC Net prices in red in list EXW Milan Italy

Catalog Number: 88658
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