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(4) B737-800 Aircraft for sale YOM 2002
Catalog #: 88669
(4) B737-800 Aircraft for sale YOM 2002
Category:  Aircraft
(4) B737-800 Aircraft for sale YOM 2002

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Catalog#: 88669

( 4 ) B737-800 aircraft for sale YOM 2002 for $ 15,000,000 USD. The 4 spec sheet is attached. Aircrafts 1) B-2657 2) B-2670 3) B-2671 4) B-2672 LIMITED MINI FLEET OPPORTUNITY FOR ACQUISITION OF (4) B737-800s (4) ,sister ship, mfg in 2002 BOEING B737-800 passenger aircraft available for immediate sale. These aircraft are recently removed from active service. Asking price is $ ‚Äč15 mil each (wholesale). OFFERING FOR OUTRIGHT SALE ONLY!!! Offering (As Is) including Fresh A/B check, Lubrication, fresh IFR check, transponder pin reset, RTS check, cleaned in and out, names removed, in FAA N registry with FAA FERRY PERMIT....

Catalog Number: 88669
Category: Aircraft
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