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iphones EUROPE DEC 5 17
Catalog #: 89671
iphones EUROPE DEC 5 17

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Catalog#: 89671

Iphones EUROPE DEC 5 17 Now Available iPhone 5s, 6, 6s, 6s, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus And Samsung S5, S6, S7, S7 EDGE/ Note 2,3,4,5 in good quantity. Grade A Fully function, Unlocked - No Lock, Best Quality, Ready for Shipping! Apple iPhone 5S 16GB $88.80 442QTY Apple iPhone 5S 32GB $106.50 353QTY Apple iPhone 6 16GB $155.80 287QTY Apple iPhone 6 64GB $175.40 167QTY Apple iPhone 6+ 16GB $209.50 296QTY Apple iPhone 6+ 64GB $234.00 285QTY Apple iPhone 6S 16GB $277.00 346QTY Apple iPhone 6S 64GB $303.00 168QTY Apple iPhone 6S+ 16GB $349.90 371QTY Apple iPhone 7 128GB $430.00 176QTY Apple iPhone 7+ 128GB $495.00 288QTY Samsung Galaxy S5 32GB $84.05 233QTY Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB $65.10 364QTY Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB $152.00 184QTY Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB EDGE - US$192 167QTY Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB $209.10 416QTY Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB EDGE - US$233 196QTY Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB - US$399.00 94QTY Samsung Galaxy S8+ 64GB - US$470.00 246QTY Samsung Galaxy 32GB Note 5 USD 320 158QTY Samsung Galaxy 32GB Note 4 USD 220 249QTY Samsung Galaxy 32GB Note 3 USD 98 126QTY Delivery duration : 3-4 days worldwide(FedEx/DHL/EMS Phones are Handset only, Original Accessories available. Grading Descriptions * A Grade: Like new, no scratches on screen or rear housing. No nicks, dents, or bends. May have extremely minor wear on the bezel. Fully functional. No iCloud lock. * B Grade: Used, may have light to moderate scratches on housing, bezel, and screen, as well as minor nicks. No cracks. Fully functional. No iCloud lock. * C Grade: Extremely worn, heavy scratches on screen, bezel, and housing. No cracks. May be bent, dented, dinged, etc. Fully functional. No iCloud lock

Catalog Number: 89671
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Date Added: December 6, 2017 21:49
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