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Chicken paws
Catalog #: 89674
Chicken paws

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Catalog#: 89674

Chicken paws Supplier: Brasil Foods. Brand: SADIA. Enabled plants: 1, 449,3169,4567,3001,981, etc. No problem delivering to Vietnam, of course. Attached some information for this destination. And attached the last product pictures some days ago: November 10th, 2017. As you can see in the pictures, the products are packed in 5kg bags, with 4 bags per box. (20kg boxes). This packaging corresponds to the actual stock on warehouses, but if the customer should need another packaging for new orders, it can be studied. Of course we,ll send you the FCO after receiving your ICPO. 30 containers at $1275/MT CIF Vietnam NO SIF for China Brokers must add commission

Catalog Number: 89674
Category: Food/Beverages
Date Added: December 6, 2017 21:57
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