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For sale Cummins X 85 sets of QSK45-G4
Catalog #: 89871
For sale Cummins X 85 sets of QSK45-G4
Category:  Plant/Equipment
For sale Cummins X 85 sets of QSK45-G4

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Catalog#: 89871

For sale Cummins X 85 sets of QSK45-G4 We can also develop for sale another 85 units. These are USA Manufactured located in Europe. Price per unit $USD275,000. Under half price !!!! 1250 KW Cummins QSK45-G4 Super Silent Containerized Diesel Power Packages Quantity Available: 85 sets Manufacture: Cummins Engine Model: QSK45-G4 Engine HP: 1600 hp Electrical Power: 1250 KW Standby/ 1116 KW Prime Alternator: Newage Stamford Voltage: 440V/480V Dual Frequency: 60 HZ / 50 HZ Phase: 3 Phase RPM: 1800 rpm Year of manufacture: 2010 Fuel: Diesel Fuel Hours: Between 20 hrs to 80 hrs. Sets were never used, only test hours, were ordered for a project that was cancelled. Frame Type: 20 ft. Super Silent Soundproof Isolated Container Package Fuel Tank Capacity: 43640 US Gallons with built in fuel tanks Exhaust: Integrated Exhaust System Cooling: Integrated Radiator Water Cooled System Electrical System: Built in Control System, Synchronization system to connect with the main power or other generator sets Certified: CSC plated, ISO certificate and CE certified for shipping world wide as a normal shipping container Size 600 cm length x 240 cm width x 240 cm height Approximate weight 16.400 kg. All units have been load tested. If required, the generator set can be load tested at the time of inspection.

Catalog Number: 89871
Category: Plant/Equipment
Date Added: December 10, 2017 0:39
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