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German Aptamil Order Status
Catalog #: 90660
German Aptamil Order Status
Category:  Food/Beverages
German Aptamil Order Status

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Catalog#: 90660

German Aptamil Order Status Aptamil Order Status we have an extremely short window of opportunity 4008976022350 Aptamil® Pre Anfangsmilch mit Pronutra™ - 800g 4008976022329 Aptamil® 1 Anfangsmilch mit Pronutra™ - 800g 4008976022336 Aptamil® 2 Folgemilch mit Pronutra™ - 800g 4008976022343 Aptamil® 3 Folgemilch mit Pronutra™ - 800g BBD: min 14 Month Delivery time: 14-18 days after deposit to escrow account Payment: escrow payment via Mentrex or Loendersloot escrow warehouse. 50% not refundable deposit once delivered by order, 50% after delivery and pre advice, in 4 works days. Not refundable deposit means, that after payment of deposit by order, the buyer can not to cancel the deal and take deposit back after order. If finally buyer cancel the purchase, deposit will be paid to seller. If the goods not be delivered during delivery time, or will be delivered with wrong conditions: damaged ,wrong labels, wrong ean codes and etc, the buyer can not to pay balance payment 50% and can take deposit back. All conditions of goods will be noted in invoices. Escrow service charges: 50/50 Buyer/Seller Price: 15.30 Euro for each stage of aptamil. ( In case use Loendersloot warehouse + 300 Euro for transport cost) Package: in carton 4 tins, in pallet: 192 tins. 40 Ft container- 24 pallets Quantity: from 3 loads per Month of mix aptamil stage. Contract can be for 12 Month. The quantity can be increase after 1-2 month of cooperation. We guaranty 3 loads per Month for 12 Month contract. Documents: Certs of origin , Authentication certs, CMR, Packing list, Invoice

Catalog Number: 90660
Category: Food/Beverages
Date Added: January 11, 2018 21:56
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