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FT4 twin pac gas turbine power plants
Catalog #: 90669
FT4 twin pac gas turbine power plants

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Catalog#: 90669

FT4 twin pac gas turbine power plant THESE UNITS ARE AVAILABLE AND ARE LOCATED IN THE NORTHERN UNITED STATES. 6,250,000.00 each unit IN ADDITION OF THE COSTS OF THE UNITS EACH UNIT WILL HAVE A $250,000.00 COST OF DEMOLITION AND LOAD UP TO YOUR TRANSPORTATION AND THEN YOU WOULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN FREIGHT COSTS. The FT4 Gas Turbine Power Plant The FT4 modular industrial gas turbine is the heart of Pratt and Whitney’s power systems. It consists of a gas generator that provides high energy gas to the free turbine, which converts it into useful mechanical work Operating in harsh conditions ranging from frigid arctic climates to remote desert locations where temperatures can exceed 130°F, the FT4 has proven itself in atmospheres laden with sand, iron oxide, salt and other undesirable elements Ongoing engineering studies and improvements have been made over the years, resulting in a proven, durable design, capable of providing users with dependable service in a wide variety of applications HISTORY This efficient aero-derivative engine was originally developed by the Pratt & Whitney division of United Technologies Corporation, where it established a notable record for dependability in both military and commercial aviation. In a joint development program, which started in the early 1960’s, TPM and P&W converted the JT4 flight engine into an industrial gas generator and designed a new power turbine which today is the mature, fully developed FT4 industrial gas turbine. Its design concept is based upon proven technology with primary goals of maintainability, efficient operation and lo life-cycle costs. DESCRIPTION The gas generator consists of a multistage axial flow compressor, a can-annular combustion section and a three-stage axial flow reaction turbine. High pressure ratios are achieved by use of a reliable fixed geometry dual compressor “twin spool” design in preference to the more complex variable geometry stators. The free turbine is a three-stage axial flow reaction turbine with an exhaust collector box to redirect the exhaust gas flow, and a drive shaft which includes a flexible coupling to absorb alignment variations. The twin spool and free turbine concept means that minimum power is required for starting. Only the high compressor needs to be driven by a small starter turbine which operates on compressed air or gas. Black start capability is standard on all units. INSTALLATION Erection of an FT4 station has been accomplished in less than two months. The compactness and relatively light weight of the FT4 simplify site selection, and for most soil conditions, a concrete slab foundations is sufficient The modular industrial gas generator can be trucked to the station site or flown in by helicopter. The gas generator and free turbine are factory tested and prepackaged to assure on-time operation. FTV ADVANTAGES Durability – The FT4 has been proven in more than 10 million hours of operating experience. As new materials and coatings are developed, modifications are made in the FT4 design to incorporate them. The result has been a continual improvement in operating life and structural integrity. Conservatively designed air-cooled turbine blades and vanes allow low turbine metal temperatures without the risk of clogged air passages due to dirty air. Availability—Surveys of various gas turbines have consistently revealed the FT4 to have the highest availability. Long periods between maintenance actions, fast change-outs, and module replacement capability are key factors in the fT4’s superior availability. Modular Design/Modular Maintenance—A Chief advantage of the FT4 is easy maintainability made possible by modular design. The six basic gas generator modules are: Low pressure compressor, High pressure compressor, High pressure turbine, Low pressure turbine, Exhaust Case and Gearbox. The most difficult of these modules can be exchanged in four working days and easiest within four hours. For maximum availability, the complete gas generator can be changed out within eight hours. Hot section inspections are routinely accomplished in less than eight hours. Site Flexibility—The FT4 does not require an on-site water or electric power supply. Inlet air filters and demister systems are available to adapt the unit to any desert or marine environment. Fast Starting—FT4 systems can reach full generating power in less than three minutes from a cold start, and there is no maintenance penalty for starts and shutdowns. The shut-down cycle is sequenced automatically and takes approximately 20 minutes for generator countdown. Except for one-minute period following fuel cut-off, the unit may be restarted during the shut- down sequence. Training—A wide variety of courses is available for customer training in the operations and maintenance of the units. This can be accomplished at our Service School in the United States or on site. SUPPORT SERVİCES Total support and maintenance of the FT4 industrial gas turbine is available with a complete service network is in place to assure maximum availability Spare Parts—Over $100 million parts inventory. Where expedited delivery is important; parts can be shipped in 24 hours. Exchange Program—Components can be exchanged for repaired unites in our rotatable pool at significant savings. Audits—An audit service is available which provides an in-depth on-site inspection and assessment of equipment and a written report of the results to the customer with recommendations. Authorized Maintenance—A guaranteed authorized maintenance program is available to provides customer assurance that recommended standards are maintained. This includes work performed in shop as well as on site. Modular Shop Design—Should a customer desire a small shop for disassembly of a gas generator into modules, technical guidance is available in the layout of the shop and recommend required equipment. Field Service—A 24-hour phone service is available, allowing customers to request assistance or a visit from one of our field service representatives to help solve problems.

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