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Unused Fresh water package(Desalination,GEMWATER) Photos/Datasheet
Catalog #: 92013
Unused Fresh water package(Desalination,GEMWATER) Photos/Datasheet

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Catalog#: 92013

Unused Fresh water package(Desalination,GEMWATER) Photos/Datasheet A big saving here. We are offering desalination equipment , details of which are as attached Desalination Equipment(Fresh Water production) Original Purchase price: 4,600,000 USD NOW Price is USD1,250,000 as is where is ... Will sell out VERY FAST We can develop this desalination unit for sale, Never used , Originally installed on Offshore platform but due to cancellation of project , unit is placed for sale Unused Desalination Equipment(Fresh water production package) Make: GEMWATER(GERMANY) Manufacturing year;2014 (Raw Water Characteristics) Package inlet flowrate: 15 m3/h during normal operation 28 m3/h one filter operating/one in backwash RO inlet flowrate: 7 to 10 m3/h Type of water: sea water Pretreatment (by Client): coarse filtration at 150 μm + chlorination Calcium: 408,1 mg/l Magnesium: 1.297,5 mg/l Potassium: 387,5 mg/l Sodium: 10.767,8 mg/l Barium: 0 mg/l Chloride: 19.360,5 mg/l Sulphate: 2.701,7 mg/l Bicarbonate: 142,5 mg/l Fluoride: 1,3 mg/l Bromium: 65,9 mg/l Indium: 0,05 mg/l Silica: 2,4 mg/l PH: 8,26 Temperature: 4 to 12 °C Feed pressure: 2,5 barg at battery limits Chlorine content: <1 to 2 mg/l in normal operation. Up to 5 mg/l during shock chlorination (Design conditions) Area classification: Classified Zone 2, IIA, T3 Design permeate flow rate: 2,5 m3/h Design temperature (mechanical): -7/+60 °C Design pressure (mechanical): 7 barg for pressure vessels Design pressure (mechanical): static head + 0,5 m.w.c. For atmospheric vessels Operating temperature: +4/+12 °C (Permeate characteristics) Flow rate: 2,5 m3/h PH: 6,5 - 7 approx (WHO guideline) Outlet operating pressure: ≤ 2 barg Conductivity @ 25 °C: > 30 μS

Catalog Number: 92013
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