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Blocks of black granite from Angola
Catalog #: 92044
Blocks of black granite from Angola

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Catalog#: 92044

Blocks of black granite from Angola Angola Black Granite blocks Divided into 27 blocks for a total of 156,96 m3 of the total weight of 439 Tons. In attachment details + packing-list The goods are visible and inspectable for prompt delivery in Italy in Free-Zone and therefore exempt taxes; the stock has been imported on behalf of a customer who has not been able to collect the goods for economic reasons, and for this reason they are offered at the absolutely special price of € 299 per ton, EXW - ITALY In the attachments you find the details of the individual blocks as well as explanatory photos. We therefore remain available for any further information needed.

Catalog Number: 92044
Category: Hardware/Building Supply
Date Added: February 13, 2018 21:2
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