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Coca Cola Sleek and Classic 33 cl
Catalog #: 92895
Coca Cola Sleek and Classic 33 cl
Category:  Food/Beverages
Coca Cola Sleek and Classic 33 cl

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Catalog#: 92895

Coke cola 33 cl Polish We can offer coca cola via scrow Londersloot! Sticker available in any language. All Londersloot costs Included in the prices. Coca Cola 33 cl Polish SLEEK Trays x pallet: 110 pcs. Cans x tray: 24 cans Palet x truck: 27 pallet Total cans x truck: 71,280 cans. Way to pay: * 30% transfer deposit Loendersloot * 70% transfer against pre advice These are the prices: PRODUCT STICKER TRAY PALLET TRAY/PALLET TOTAL PRICE SCROW LONDERSLOOT COLA ZERO, SPRITE, FANTA 33 CL SLEEK SI 24 24 108 62208 0,31 € COCA COLA 33 CL SLEEK ( fanta, sprite, cola zero ) SI 24 24 110 63360 0,31 €

Catalog Number: 92895
Category: Food/Beverages
Date Added: March 11, 2018 23:51
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Dragon's Price: CONTACT US
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