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IQ Mini Electric Car
Catalog #: 92923
IQ Mini Electric Car

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Catalog#: 92923

Mini Electric Car introducing the IQ The car has no aircon or heater system but it can bring wind through the air outlet / sun roof Attached videos for your reference. Body size: length 253cm, width 138cm, height 153cm Wheelbase: 1100mm Battery: Lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries, according to their needs with. Motor type: Permanent magnet brushless DC Motor power: 60V1000W (differential motor, rear-wheel drive, climbing strong) Controller; 60v1000w40A double 18 tube Charging voltage: 220v Tire size: 135 70-20 Charging time: 6-8 hours Brake: four wheel disc brakes Steering: steering wheel Ground clearance:> 150mm Turning radius: <5.3m Climbing degree: 35 degrees Speed: 40km / h Number of passengers: 3 people Car features: door with a very safe lock, luxury leather seats, comfortable ride, the front seat can move back and forth, before and after the spring damping effect, LCD display, knob speed, the car operation is very flexible and lightweight Shell design with electric lift window, the roof also with sunroof, reversing images, the radio can play MP3. A great model for high school and university students as a better option to a motor bike. Four-wheel hydraulic disc brake configuration brake system, the brake is very sensitive. Accessories: manual, certificate, warranty card Packing and MOQ: 8 units/40,, Container Final Price: FOB Qingdao: USD3,500/Unit Front unfinished awaiting our new logo

Catalog Number: 92923
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