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March Promotion for Brand New Sea container
Catalog #: 92926
March Promotion for Brand New Sea container

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Catalog#: 92926

March Promotion for Brand New Sea container In March our company come up a big promotion for brand new sea containers made in PRC: Item A: Brand New 10ft sea container, now big promotion is 3,722USD per unit. with CSC ceterficate. Item B: Brand new 20GP sea container 3,933USD per unit. Item C: Brand new 40GP sea container 5.547USD per unit. Item D: Brand new 40HQ sea container 5750USD per unit. Our shipping container can modify as container bathroom, toilet, showroom, classroom, clinic, office, studio, hotel, shopping center, housing. If you need I can design for you. Also we have second hand container for sale If you have any inquiry please let us know.

Catalog Number: 92926
Category: Ships/Vessels/Boats
Date Added: March 12, 2018 23:18
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