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made in Italy denim cloths
Catalog #: 94178
made in Italy denim cloths

Dragon's Price: 1.82  EUR
Catalog#: 94178

Stocklot denim cloths made in Italy Stocklot denim cloths Italian denim cloths in stock include: 365.000 linear meters 1° choice + 127.000 linear meters ,Primetta and 2° choice. Total 492.000 linear meters. Majority of the cloths are stretch with compositions that vary between 98% Cotton 2% elastan, 97% Cotton 3% o.f. - only few are 100% Cotton Widths vary between 150/170 cm The 1° choice are all full rolls while the rest can vary from full rolls to 15 mtrs per roll. Made in Italy with Eur1 Certificate. Packing list upon request. Stock price € 1,82 per linear meter take all

Catalog Number: 94178
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Date Added: April 8, 2018 23:8
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Dragon's Price: 1.82   EUR
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