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Bauxite Ore / Calcined Bauxite
Catalog #: 94220
Bauxite Ore / Calcined Bauxite

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Catalog#: 94220

Bauxite Ore / Calcined Bauxite available ex Turkey please send your LOI with quantitya nd destination port Product Introduction Bauxite Ore / Calcined Bauxite Bauxite, also known as alumina, the main component is alumina, which is hydrated alumina containing impurities, a kind of earthy mineral. White or gray, because containing iron it will brown yellow or light red. Density is 3.45g / cm3, hardness is 1-3, opaque, brittle. Extremely difficult to melt. Insoluble in water, soluble in sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide solution. Mainly used for aluminum smelting, manufacture refractories. Product Application Bauxite Ore / Calcined Bauxite 1. Aluminum industry. For defense, aerospace, automotive, electrical, chemical, and other daily necessities. 2. Casting. Bauxite is processed into a fine powder made after the mold casting. Used in military, aerospace, communications, instrumentation, machinery and medical equipment sectors. 3. Used for refractory products. High bauxite refractoriness up to 1780 ℃, chemical stability, good physical properties. 4. Aluminosilicate refractory fibers. Light weight, high temperature, good thermal stability, low thermal conductivity, heat capacity of small and resistance to mechanical vibration and so on. For iron and steel, nonferrous metallurgy, electronics, petroleum, chemical, aerospace, nuclear, defense and other industries. It is the high alumina clinker into the melting temperature of about 2000 ~ 2200 ℃ high temperature electric arc furnace, high temperature melting, high pressure high velocity air or steam injection, cooling, it becomes white ,cotton, - aluminum silicate refractory fibers. It can be pressed into fiber blanket, plates, or woven into fabric instead of smelting, chemical, glass and other industrial high-temperature furnace lining of refractory bricks. Firefighters available refractory fiber cloth to make clothes. 5. With magnesia and bauxite as raw material, adding an appropriate binder for casting ladle whole bucket liner very good results. 6. Manufacture of cement, abrasive materials, ceramic industry as well as various compounds chemical industry can be made of aluminum bauxite.

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