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Catalog #: 94237
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Category:  Food/Beverages
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Catalog#: 94237

Please find buyers inquiry, please advise; Please see below message seeking Parboiled Rice Long Grain 5% broken, packing in 50 kg/bags and in Jumbo bag of l.5 MT. Quantity 25,000 MT X 4 shipment. CIF/Mombasha port,Kenya. Payment by SBLC from DBS Bank, HK. Thailand and Vietnam origin acceptable only. Please send me your FCO + SPECS + few pics of your stocks product urgently. Buying Rice Long Grain Broken Rate 5% Par Boiled 50kg Poly Bag and 1.5MT Jumbo bag CIF MOMBASHA,KENYA 25,000MT X 4 SHIPMENT only Payment SBLC from DBS Hong Kong.

Catalog Number: 94237
Category: Food/Beverages
Date Added: April 14, 2018 20:48
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