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Modern Design Portable Camping Pod
Catalog #: 94245
Modern Design Portable Camping Pod

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Catalog#: 94245

Modern Design Portable Camping Pod Our resort Arched house we call the camping pod, please check the attached document. Our standard camping pod (empty house without furniture & bathroom) can load 6 sets in one 40ft shipping container . For your information, the price of the standard camping pod empty house without furniture & bathroom) is $5,600/set FOB Tianjin China. In order to meet the demand of the customers, of course we can provide the matching bathroom with toilet . Please note that, the price of bathroom is $1,000/set (include shower tray:1800*1200*130mm,tempered glass enclosure:10mm, toilet,wash basin,shower head 1pc per each) Please refer to the attached photos. Our camping pod has 18m² usable area, so you can combine any demand on the house.

Catalog Number: 94245
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