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Catalog #: 94259
Furnaces unused

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Catalog#: 94259

Furnaces unused We can develop for sale. Number of Ovens For Sale: 16 Year of production: 2012 The producer of these furnaces is a German company that specializes in the production of these types of induction furnaces. The maximum temperature in these ovens is 3000 ° C All unused Note on the Furnaces: The Centrotherm SiTec multi-crystalline ingot furnace is a key equipment for photovoltaic silicon ingot and wafer facilities. The furnace grows multi-crystalline silicon ingots by ve?ical gradient directional solidification of slicon melt in silica crucible after melting of polysilicon chunks. The multi-crystalline ingot furnace is already prepared to 9 row pseudomono ingots. The process consists of heating, melting, growing, annealing and cooling stages. Process temperature varies up to 1,600 oC and process pressure ranges from 0.1 to 600 mbar. The furnace consists of a graphite hot zone located in a stainless steel vacuum chamber supported by a base frame. The hot zone contains 3 independent active thermal elements - side resistive heater, bottom resistive heater and bottom active cooling unit. The hot zone is designed in modular structure and optimized for ingot generation Gen5 and 450 kg basic charge weight. ] The furnace has integrated water cooling. argon flow, vacuum pump, power supply, temperature monitoring and fully automated process control Systems. The base frame is equipped with an electromechanical opening and closing mechanism and with an integrated tool for top loading and unloading of the charged crucible. Location GERMAN Seeking offers

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