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Offer Heat & Serve Meals
Catalog #: 94647
Offer Heat & Serve Meals

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Catalog#: 94647

Offer Heat & Serve Meals Got a great deal on a good supply of “heat & serve” meals. Packed 10/8 oz with great shelf life left. Over 13,000 cases available combined. Only $1.50 per meal FOB. These are Halal certified. FOB Atlanta GA. USA. Overstock on these Heat and Serve Meals Halal Certified Chicken Raised with no Antibiotics 112 cases per pallet Item Cases on Hand Best Buy Date Chicken Tikka Masala 8/10 oz 5767 08/02/18 Chicken Pad Thai 8/10 oz 4203 08/02/18 Chicken Enchiladas Poblano 8/10oz 3494 10/30/19 Over 107,000 meals Only $1.50 per meal FOB Atlanta Georgia Chicken Masala Nutritional Info Chicken Enchalada Nutritional Info Pad Thai Nutritional Info

Catalog Number: 94647
Category: Food/Beverages
Date Added: April 28, 2018 20:47
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