We specialize in wholesale of excess and liquidated stock lots. Sorry we do NOT retail single or small lots.
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Please note our STRICT sales policy for 2014 onwards.

If interested in an offer, we need as first step, an LOI or PO.
This must be on buyers letterhead and signed
Notice: ONLY after receiving LOI or PO, will we shop around for freight rates.
Form January 1st 2014 onwards we will NO LONGER quote CIF without LOI or PO as we have so many people asking freight rates with no real intent to purchase. This costs us time and money, and only gives our firm a bad reputation with our suppliers . Once we receive your LOI or PO we will reply with a PI for CIF. At that time, buyer can proceed or cancel.
After more then 3 cancellations the client will no longer be entertained with CIF prices .
Sorry, but there has been too much time wasted with companies simply using our firm to shop for prices, which has resulted in this FIRM procedure

To order is simple:


Documents, Procedures for purchasing - UCP 600 / Incoterms

These documents are generally required for purchasing of commodities and scrap materials.

Below are some drafts of the standard documents, note these are only formats and can be altered as required (click to download):

The Procedure for the sale-purchase of commodities is as follows:


Are you a broker? Intermediary? Middleman?
Don't worry, you are among the thousands of us that close deals between buyers and sellers every moment of the day . Without us 75% of deals would never see the light of day. Sellers love us and use us to market their products, especially when in a pickle and need to dispose materials fast. Most are retailers, manufacturers or the grower/ miner and do not have bulk buyers that can handle bulk stocks. Buyers love us because in many cases we are a one stop shop and set up the sale for ease on closing. Both hate us at closing because we are nuisance and don't deserve to be paid our commission or mark up ......... Sadly in most cases both will if given the opportunity circumvent the middleman at a heartbeat.
If you are a broker, Intermediary or Middleman please view this video. It is a must for everyone to watch; brokers especially and buyers alike.



The content is especially true and shows through this cartoon video the foolish sounding statements that are really made by people. Thinking that these things being said carry any validity what so ever! If nothing else you should get a good laugh!!! You may learn something


A call from a broker who admitted after some questions about his request he was making that I did not think he had or knew how the transaction worked. Quite insulted he ask why he could not negotiate the transaction for his buyer. Why because not only did he not understand how the transaction works but also there is no authorization from the buyer to a broker to make decisions.


BUT you are trying to negotiate the transaction !


What is wrong with this picture, you admit you do not know what you are doing but still want to try and negotiate.


Think about this, is there a real buyer out there who sends a broker forward to negotiate a multi-million dollar contract?


Not in any world I know of!!!


Real buyers want the quickest track to speaking and negotiate with the seller, which is only common sense. Buyers and sellers make a deal happen not brokers, not brokers trying so hard to protect their position. I am saying all this with full support of the broker world trying to bring deals together, but I am saying with the understanding that brokers have a responsibility to ONLY transmit information, not make decisions on their own. This being the single hardest thing for brokers to learn and understand.


Certainly it is understood what one is thinking when they step out side the boundary of their responsibility but it in reality is only an impediment to the process. We have even seen those who think they are smarter than everyone else trying even act like buyers using the end sellers money to buy or send LOI or ICPO's . It always is the same, brokers pass information, buyers follow procedures and you will sell product. But no one allows the buy side to write procedures or use a buyers contract for the sellers material !!! The list of infractions goes on and on making the process impossible in most cases, when a transaction should move smoothly to buyers and sellers engaging, reviewing the contract and agreeing or disagreeing to move forward.



We prefer to work with Escrow payments

How Escrow Works?

Loendersloot - www.loendersloot.com

Top Logistics - www.toplogistics.nl

New Corps - www.newcorplogistics.com

Gaston Schul - www.gaston-schul.com

Steinweg Sharaf - www.steinweg.com/en/

Also for inspection SGS or PCS

SGS - www.sgs.com

PCS - www.pcs.proxi.net

-T1- and -T2-

The T1 procedure concerns the movement of non-EU goods when customs duties or other import taxes are involved.

The T2 procedure concerns the movement of EU goods



Note all payments must be Confirmed by Top 50 Prime World Bank; please check our website for latest Top 50 list.


Confirmed, Transferable, Irrevocable Letters of Credit give the seller the greatest protection, since sellers can rely on the commitment of two banks to make payment. The confirming bank will pay even if the issuing bank cannot or will not honour the draft for any reason whatever. In accordance with the additional risk assumed by the banks, however, confirmed, irrevocable Letters of Credit are more expensive than unconfirmed Letters of Credit.


Here are several payment option preferred by our Sellers:



Basically with this payment there is an LC opened for 6 months value that is guaranteed by the Buyer's bank for that amount. In the fifth month, there is another 6 month LC opened for the last batch of shipments. However, the payments are still paid one month at a time, but the LC is guaranteed for 6 months value.



This LC is guaranteed by the Buyer's bank for the full contract value.



The Buyer's bank is guaranteeing the funds for the full contract value, therefore with payment by BG means the buyer has the money sitting in an account, pledged -- that is why it is called 'Bank Guarantee'.


There are other acceptable payment methods and also variations of these payment methods above applicable to certain commodities that we may accept, however these will be advised in our Soft Offers.


Please clearly define your preferred payment when making your application for quotation.


PLEASE NOTE: We always require a BCL (Bank Comfort Letter) to confirm buyer's ability to make the necessary payments, provided along with the LOI or ICPO.


Whilst permission for a Soft Probe which may be offered in the LOI is nice, it is not recognition of a commitment to the contract in hand. A BCL should list a description of the goods, the quantity, the total contract value and the monthly revolving amount etc. Expressed in US Dollars. Also as payment is Confirmed by a Top 50 Prime World Bank this is virtually a guarantee of such payment as outlined.


BCL with bank disclaiming any responsibility is totally unacceptable.


If a buyer will not provide a BCL it is an indication that he cannot finance the deal and/or the deal is not Confirmed by Top 50 Bank as required.