We specialize in wholesale of excess and liquidated stock lots. Sorry we do NOT retail single or small lots.
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SEEKING WORLDWIDE REPRESENTATIVES NOW ... Don't miss this opportunity ....

Asian Dragon representation don't miss this opportunity ....

Our Company is seeking representation/representatives worldwide .

Asian Dragon International; owned and operated by Asian Dragon Enterprises HK, is a multinational corporation with an extensive 30 year trading history , headquartered in Hong Kong & Seychelles , having offices and representatives in Thailand , Philippines and Cambodia.

Representatives will act as intermediaries between us and customers in their country or State of residence. Representatives may also receive payments or deposits on our behalf and assist with placing orders for goods and services that may be required in their country or State of residence. Hence the requirement for a bond

A commission of an average of 10% is paid for your service(s). Most representatives could/should earn an average monthly minimum of $5,000 based on the work volume, work efficiency, experience gathered on the job, punctuality as situation demands and hard work however considerably more is possible.


Interested applicants Click the Inquire button at the top of the screen and send their details for more information.

Our firm is receiving 500 to 1,000 enquiries daily which is stretching our human resources to the maximum. We are having problems with receiving email responses from suppliers from time to time, we are experiencing difficulties in undertaking the necessary due diligence required on many of the daily offers we receive, and many new clients are understandably concerned about sending deposits required to a firm based far away .

Our management have decided the best way to counter these problems is to offer like minded firms or individuals an opportunity to represent our company.

Our firm has some amazing opportunities offering leading brand products suitable for wholesalers and retail stores around the world.



We offer clothing product and project design and development such as, but not limited to zoo/ safari parks and water parks, raw material and factory sourcing, production planning, plant and equipment, vessels, aircraft and even zoo, military supplies and fine art. We travel globally to undertake quality assurance and export documentation to shipping consolidation. Basically the Asian Dragon corporation/s do everything from designing to export of the final goods.

We have however gotten to the point where we simply cannot do it all and do it well . So here is one ideal business that you can operate from home: very minimal start-up funding, no inventory, no shipping costs, and if you're professional and work hard, can be highly profitable.

It takes a lot of hard work, though, in the beginning but becomes easier, lighter and profitable as time goes on, do not expect overnight massive profits it simply doesn't happen that way any more .

What is an International Trading Business?

Trading, as it is popularly known, is the business of matching buyers and sellers. You call it International trading when you deal with people from different countries. Basically, international trading is acting as a middleman between the two entities located in different countries.

It is actually exporting-importing, but without the hassles. You don't carry inventory, you don't maintain a warehouse, you don't handle shipping, you don't prepare the shipping documents, you don't worry about insurance, etc. All you will do is coordinate the functions of both the exporter and the importer, offer local assistance to the buyer or seller within your Territory and undertake due diligence, in some cases accept a deposit acting as an escrow.

The hard work stems from overcoming the difficulty of establishing yourself as a bonafide international trader and be identified and recognized as such. Asian Dragon already has this recognition and respect. Thus, we need to be certain any company or individual representing our firm is credible and worthy of the trust of our buyers and sellers. They must also work hard and diligently to find buyers and even sellers within their "territory" and build up Asian Dragon's local office /representative to the point where you would almost act as a franchise .

In the stock market, the buyers and the sellers work very closely with their brokers. The same thing happens in trading. You need to earn the trust of both parties before you can begin making good money.

How to Start

Before you get excited, you should bear in mind that the business of trading is not easy. Since you will be negotiating business for companies separately located across the globe, it is but natural for these companies to be wary in transacting business with you at the start. Fortunately, most will already know of Asian Dragon, so the hard part is over. It will enhance our chances of closing a sales when we can refer them to our local representative or office.


We receive an offer of $1,000,000 white t-shirts from India at $0.60 each a total amount of USD600,000. So if we have a representative in India his first job will be to undertake due diligence, visit the supplier, obtain samples and confirm they are exactly what is offered, undamaged or encumbered. He will meet with owner and make certain everything is clear and clean confirming he can protect our companies interests, should we find a buyer. Further, he will meet the buyer should the buyer wish to inspect them personally, again in keeping the firms interest as a priority. Should our client want a sample he will make sure a sample is dispatched clean and clear of any directions that may lead the buyer directly to the supplier.

Now for example our buyer is is in Dubai, we will contact our representative in Dubai the sample will be dispatched to him. Upon arrival he will arrange to meet the buyer and complete the sale.

So if we sell the shirts for $0.70 our profit will be $100,000 in this scenario our representative in both seller country and buyer country will earn 20% each = $20,000

To be successful in an international trading business, it is imperative that you start on the right foot. Communications is a vital part of the operation. It is important that you should put a little investment in computers, telephone and a fax machine. Even if you have no Web site, you can conduct your negotiations by email. The fax machine comes in handy when you need a copy of a signature before you receive actual signed documents or a signed contract. You might also need a copy of a contract before signatures are affixed into it. Having a skype number is also a necessity (you can reduce costs by calling via skype)

Credibility is a very important requisite in this endeavor. It is necessary that you are 100 % reliable. You must show an image of 100 percent reliability, so preference will be given to established firms that have a professional office and preferably staffed with secretary etc . Although this may not be necessary in every situation.

We attempted this a few years ago, however unfortunately, and our representative/s decided after the first sale or two they could go it alone and simply "stole" our client list of course after the first deal they failed as honesty at the end of the day is tantamount to success. It is for this reason we must now request a "Bond", we have therefore restructured our firm to accommodate multiple new stockholders in an effort to keep our representatives honest.

The representative will be issued with stock to the value of the Bond. This stock certificate can be sold back to the firm should the representative wish to relinquish his position and it has been assured he has not circumvented our firm. A signed agreement will null and void the stock if it is reported by a supplier or buyer that the representative attempted to deal directly .

Bonds will work like this

Starting at $5,000 = 5% of profit share, $10,000= 10% and so on up to 90% , Asian Dragon will always enjoy minimum 10% profit share .

For a company to represent us, we require your credentials, including your experience, companies you have previously dealt with, merchandise you have traded, if you have an office or are prepared to rent one (require a photo). Use of our logo is imperative and art work will be sent to you for your local signwriter / sign maker to do up suitable signage that will assure the buyers and sellers you are indeed the legal representative. You will also need to have business cards printed and the format will be sent to you by email. Our format and design are the same worldwide. Asian Dragon has it's own server now so you will further be issued with a web site address for your territory such as asiandragonintl-brazil.com and email address brazilsales @ asiandragonitl.com

It is important that you have reasonable understanding of trading activities. When the company is not represented in a particular country, we need you to find buyers. Often a secretary or marketing staff can achieve this by offering suitable products to potential users. Example; our t-shirts. Look for an upcoming promo, event or election. You will need to take care of all the contacting process and expenses to bring an interested buyer to the table but we will be here to assist in every step through the learning curve via email and/or skype. Often these days, many of our transactions stop before they start because the buyer goes directly to the suppliers or vice versa. Or at best they become a “one-shot” deal because we are circumvented on the second order. A representative can prevent this in most cases.

Asian Dragon wiIl make sure you are formally appointed and your appointment papers as representative or agent will be properly documented and a stock certificate issued so not only are you our representative but you are a stock holder. A contract period of one year, renewable will be stipulated in your appointment. and will include your compensation-in percentages of the value. In some cases, a company might agree to reimburse your expenses or provide you with an extra fixed amount to take care of your communications and other miscellaneous expenses provided the sale is closed professionally, quickly and honestly . Embodied in this appointment are the responsibilities that you are supposed to take care at your end and the responsibilities of acting as our representative with 100% honesty and integrity protecting our firms image. You must do this with all the companies that you get involved with even if the deal is good for only one transaction.

For your compensation, most companies agree to share three to five per cent of the gross profit we are offering much more. For bulk products, like grains, commissions may average twenty-five cents per metric ton so in the case of selling 25,000 tons of sugar or rice on a 12 moth contract it is possible for you to be earning $6,500 a month on one successful sale .

After 30 years in this business we are now a "one stop" solution for buyers and sellers of almost everything .

Asian Dragon International is a respected sourcing & distribution company with a view to having multiple offices around the world. We spend much time in China and our surrounding countries sourcing products and inspecting manufacturers factories. Lets face it no one really enjoys flying thousands of miles these days we take the necessary travel and expense out of doing business with Asia as we have already done the travel , we can also arrange on a case to case basis a skype "live" video walk through on products and factories .

Our goal is to establish a representative network in 25 countries by middle of this year, dedicated to the proper marketing of our own branded electric vehicles, Trident Tricars, Solar power, wind power, liquidations , excess stock other equipment and unique business opportunities.

We also seek experts in various fields such as recycling and scrap , plant and equipment, automobile parts , solar power, vessel chartering and sales , disaster relief , military equipment, bonds , petroleum product, low cost housing , food and beverage etc , etc to represent us on these lines ... If you have a background and expertise in any product send us your CV / resume so we can see how we can work together .

Our objectives are to provide our clients with a nearby representative and thus avoid time zone delays, misunderstanding and miscommunication. They can communicate in their own language and only need to discuss business with one person /company rather then multiple persons /clients. Complete knowledge on any offer can be transferred immediately to our representative who can then pass same onto the end consumer .