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Exciting Business opportunities available through Asian Dragon International , sales , financing and/or Joint venture available worldwide.

We provide Fantastic Crowd pleaser attractions to establish new business or enhance existing business


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Animatronics models and intelligent interactive amusement products.

Products include animatronics dinosaur, animatronics animals and other novel animatronics models.

Our products are very hot in amusement parks and promotions.

We can have designed and produce new models according to your demand


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Asian Dragon , bringing you new and innovative ways to increase your profits in these uncertain economic times. Crowd pleasers, crowd drawers , new ideas,new concepts new family fun


There are other similar products on the market but due to our suppliers operational experience they have been able to create the safest and most efficient operating system available allowing you to increase the capacity and maximize profits.

Some of the unique features of our 'Turn Key' Bubble- Dome system are:

- Launch Pads to allow for smooth loading and unloading of patrons.
- Safety netting to retain the bubbles and more importantly the patrons in the pool.
- Covered pool to protect from the sun and heat.
- Full training available and after sales support.

These are an excellent business opportunity in Shopping malls, Fairs , Beach, resorts, etc , etc

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Offers of joint ventures are welcome.

If you have the site we have the equipment and know how to create profitable operations.

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The Giant Snowing Globe has been operated as a photo experience throughout the UK and Abroad, including Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland, Bluewater, The Centre MK, The Liberty, Chester Zoo, Australia, Japan, Singapore and the USA. It substantially increases customer dwell time, footfall and shopping spend. This totally unique winter themed attraction is a fantastic experience for all the family that people will travel to see.

Get inside the fun with a spectacular inflatable Snow Globe! This major attraction is a totally unique concept to wow your clients; it comes in 3 sizes that mimic the wonderful symbol of the winter season. It's great as a decoration to enhance your winter display or as a fantastic photo opportunity, allowing your clients the ability to explore the inside of this incredible structure and pose for a photo that is printed instantly.

This high profile entertainment attraction is suitable for users aged from 1-99 years and allows all the family to experience real quality family fun. It is ideal for use at shopping malls, fun theme parks, town centre's, indoor or outdoor. It has tremendous marketing and promotional opportunities and is the must have attraction of the year.

ROI in one Christmas snow even in the tropics

The Bungy -Trampoline Dome

The Bungy Trampoline has proven itself to be the most popular "activity" to be marketed in Australia in the last 5 years.

The dome was there at the conception in Germany 1998 and still has its fingers on the pulse of what's new and what people want.

The Bungy Trampoline Dome. As the 4-in-1 unit was, and still is an eye-catcher and a magnet for passers-by captivated by the movement so is the Dome a structure that seems to almost hypnotically draw people to it. This unique structure built from light weight construction grade Aluminium can be seen from afar and the movement within piques curiosity to a point where passers-by feel a need to stop and be entertained.

Originally motivated by the need to protect the jumpers from the elements, the Bungy Trampoline Dome's size and futuristic abstract form generates a big visual impact that inspires curiosity Inside, the four jumpers move simultaneously through the large central void, generating a spontaneous choreography. At night the membrane can be illuminated by dynamic lighting or projection equipment to produce a stunning effect.


A concept that has been done before but never like this!

Water-pillars are right at home in salt water or fresh water, and can handle rough ocean surf or glassy lakes.

All materials are corrosion resistant. The wheels are moulded from high-density polyethylene plastic, as are the guide wheel covers and cowlings.

The sturdy frame is constructed with anodized aluminium tubing, stainless steel and Delrin ® fasteners. It's powered by a rugged belt drive, and is designed to be taken places no other pedaled watercraft can go! Each rider has a set of pedals, yet it is as easily operated by one person as by two. One person does the steering by operating hand levers to independently engage or disengage each wheel, allowing the Water-pillar to "turn on a dime". With 2.2 diameter wheels and a width of 2.5m the Water-pillar is stable in almost any aquatic environment.

Now fitted with a Water Cannon that shoots water 13m! An extra element of fun!! One person can steer while the other shoots the cannon! Great fun for the whole family! You can either float about,or chase down other riders and engage in water wars! This can increase the fun, excitement and exertion and therefore decrease the individual rental periods resulting in a higher turnover of patrons.

The Kicker

The Kicker is a free standing electronic football goal that can track and record where the ball is kicked and at what speed. It can be used as a Fun Promotion, Competitive Game, Learning Tool and a Coaching or Training Aid. The screen displays to the player and the audience which section of the goal the ball should be kicked into.
The graphics which the player aims to hit can consist of numbers, pictures or logos. Subject to the chosen game play the graphics can be covered, uncovered, zoomed in on or allocated a quiz question.

After the player has recognized its target on the screen, the aim is to try and hit the respective graphic in the real goal. The player and the audience can see a replay of the shot on the screen after every successful shot at goal. Every player receives a certificate at the end of the game, which shows the individual goal shooting data as well as information about the speed and placement of the shots. The certificates can be provided with sponsor logos or designed completely using the customer's corporate design.

The electronic Kicker football goals offer a large range of possible game variations: shooting for points, shooting at pictures or in combination with a quiz.

Customers can choose from the games available in the Kick-Point games database or have an individual game designed especially for an event our design team.

  • Measurement of shot speed and shot placement in real football goal
  • Shot replay on large LCD TV in top multi-media presentation
  • Printed certificate for every player including customer branding
  • KICKER : Up to 50 m2 advertising space in goal and net
  • Up to 20 meters of touchline borders can be supplemented for advertising purpose
  • Optional inflatable or Game Frame surround offers massive branding space
  • Suitable for event spaces from 4 x 2m as different goal sizes are available
  • Your advertisement is integrated in the game as logos sounds and video