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By December 2013 it is our priority to introduce via our showroom in Subic, Philippines to the world the very first Hybrid Trident Tricar http://www.trident-tricar.com/ in association with our electric motor supplier in China. 

Over six years and many, many tens of thousands of dollars spent on development.

We can now offer a car kit which consists of mainly 4 most important items: The motor, controller, gear bridge and the throttle. 

Powerful and efficient electric car motor and controller. 

Controller programmable!!

The electric car kit we will provide on trident gasoline models includes,

10KW MOTOR; 48v/72v 10kw bldc motor, 48V/72v 100ah LiFePO4 battery pack and chargerElectric car kit/Gear bridge

Model: Integrated Differential Gear Bridge
Gear Ratio:1:8 or 1:12.5

Bridge length: Customizable to fit the entire range of tridents and can be adapted to other vehicles

Amazing Performance beyond your imagination !

Extra cost will be under $1,000.00 (average $500) 

This Gear Bridge / Bluetooth car kits can be used with our Motor, controller, and foot throttle. 

Only now has the system been able to be produced in a cost effective way allowing Trident tricars to operate on both gasoline and electric.

This system allows us to convert Trident tricars , motor cycles,push bikes/ existing trikes and even wheelchairs to electric. 

The system is so simple it can be installed by ANYBODY easy and quick!

No Pollution, No Gasoline necessary but can run on both ! Fun & Healthier Lifestyle! + $aving!

To celibate this huge leap ahead in technology, making Trident even more attractive to the massive growing market and acceptability of Tricars worldwide, we will be offering the first (next) 12 Trident dealerships at a very special price 

(This is a limited promo) 

Q:What are the requirements to become a dealer? 
A:You must pay a per city fee of $10,000 (i.e. $10,000 for every, protected city within your exclusive territory) You must have a warehouse/showroom suitable to display at least two of our Trident range and offer servicing . A plus point for dealers to have knowledge of vehicles and /or Electric Motors and are able to do repairs and maintenance. 

Q:How much must I order?
A:You have to order a minimum of USD$20,000 worth of Tridents on the first order and complete sum amount of USD$50,000 annually to continue being our dealer. 

Q:Will I be fined if I do not meet the USD$50,000 quota?
A:Never, we take good care of our dealers and undertake to be helpful at any point of time. 

Q:I have no shop, but I have a warehouse, how can I still be in business with Trident?
A:Yes but you need to have a good independent website and undertake considerable local marketing i.e. In papers, local magazines, local cable TV etc , so long as we see you are working hard to meet your annual quota you'll be ok 

Want To Sign Up? 

To set up your dealership with us, we would appreciate the following information and items: 

1) Brief description of your business and desired exclusive city/ Territories (name the main cities or Provence) 
2) Business experience/customer service experience. 
3) Photos of premises to be used with address and contact details 

Please attach the above items and E-mail them to sales@asiandragonintl.com or sales 

Upon receipt of the above information and approval of your registration, we will be happy to forward to you the dealer/distributor contract . Please note that there is a USD$10,000.00 dealership fee. ($5,000 to reserve your city for 30 days) 
We will list your contact detail on our website upon approval. 
You will start to receive customer's emails and enquiries about Trident. 
Our web traffic is doubled each year. 


Model: HPM-10KW -- High Power BLDC Motor 


Rated Power:8KW-20KW 

Efficeincy: 91% 

Phase Resistance (Milliohm): 3.1/48V; 6.0/72V; 18.0/120V 

Phase Induction(100KHZ): 34uH/48V; 77uH/72V; 252uH/120v 

Speed: 2000-6000rpm (customizable) 


Casing: AluSmartum Length (height): 170mm 


Brushless gearless motor: no gear means reliable, quiet, high efficiency, long working life, maintenance free. 
Built-in controller: no messy exposed wirings, less connection problems, easy to install, neat looking products. 
Strong climbing torque: achieved by using strong rare earth magnets, innovative motor design, and top quality MOSFETS used. 
Open voltages 24/36/48Vdc: user adjustable power and speed, self upgradable from 24V to 48V to meet local regulations. 
Built-in cooling fan: effective heat dissipating, better performance for motor and controller, higher climbing capability. 
Programmable controller: control parameters programming via USB cable, customizable for different EV applications

Our associates are concentrating on their own new products utilizing this fantastic low cost system on

Wheel chairs 


Motor Bikes and Scooters