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Power Generation

require Steam Turbine
SGT 400s
21 sets of MAN 9L21/31 1,980kW 50hz HFO generating sets for sale
Solar Power Station
LIST of Secondary Market Turbine Packages for Sale
DEUTZ Generators europe nov 21 18
Electricity - Generator sets
AM General M151A2 MUTT with Soft Top and ROPS / S-788
Modular 300m DNV sat system for sale
Generator and Solar Power Station
Truckloads of Briggs & Stratton generators available.usa oct 26 18
Never Used Gas Compressor 1Unit ( GE Oil & Gas)
Looking Unfired for GE LMS100 GAS TURBINE PACKAGE in storage and ready for immediate delivery
8 X Caterpillar G3520C For sale
1993 From Japan Giken Silent Piler AT90 -
FOR SALE: 30MW to 600MW Power Plant DEALs
2 sets of Gas-engine generator Mitsubishi GS16R 845KW 50HZ 2004 for sale
Gen. For sale
1 set of Gas-Engine AKSA 362kw 400V 60hz 2013 for sale
150MW 13800V 50HZ THERMAL GENERATOR 2009 X 2
used 2200kVA(1760kW) Cummins QSK60G4 diesel generator set_
For sale : 4.6MW 60Hz NIIGATA 12V26HX Diesel generating sets (2 x 2,300kW)
Marine type generating sets 2015 - 2sets, 4sets Brand new ROLLS-ROYCE+ABB
7.5MW 50Hz MAN 12V28/32H HFO Generating sets(Power plant) - total 3 sets
Tool Truckload
13211-20 Gas Power Plants Big Generator.
New Cummins QSK60G6 2281KVA almost half price super deal
NIIGATA 16V32CLX 5500KW 600RPM X 3
For sale new Cummins QSK60G6 2281KVA
Multifunctional Portable Solar Generator System Brings You a Convenient Life
4 sets of Daihatsu 6DK28 D.O 1500kw 6600V 60Hz 2001 power plants for sale
Multifunctional Portable Solar Generator System Brings You a Convenient Life
portable biogas digester1.
Surplus LM 6000 unit
Gas generators of PAES 2500
21 sets of MAN 9L21/31 1,980kW 50hz HFO generating sets for sale
2 sets of MITSUBISHI 18KU30A 5650KW 60HZ HFO generating sets for sale
17MW, 26MW, 34MW ~ 140MW Surplus HFO generating sets MAN 18V32/40 60HZ
Wartsila 3 units 18V32
Secondary Market Turbine Packages for Sale
3 sets of Diahatsu Engine+generator 6KD-36 2750KW 6600V 50Hz 2001year for sale
SOLAR TITAN 130S and RENTECH BOILER-HRSG built in 2015, unusd
Allsion 501-KH5 Gas-turbine 6230kw 6600V 60Hz 14550rpm 2002 year for sale
1250 KW Cummins QSK45-G4 Super Silent Containerized Diesel Power Packages (75) New (With test hours
3 sets of Wartsila vasa18V32LN 6400KW 11400V 60HZ HFO 2000-2001 for sale
Containerized Diesel Generators