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Russian Whole Round Squid
AR Red Shrimps | Argentina
Redbull energy drink
Line Item Shelf Stable Tuna Salad with Crackers 3.5 oz.
Offer Fully Cooked Un breaded Chicken Breast
Raw, B/L, S/L Chicken Breast Fillet, 4.5oz -
Chicken Wings A Grade
Offer BEEF shin/shank frozen
Offer Fully Cooked BBQ Glazed Chicken Breast Fillet
#342701 RTC Breaded Chicken Nuggets FOB TX
IQF chicken wings - non breaded
Fully Cooked Sausage Crumbles
Offer RTC Chicken Thighs with Back
4oz BUTTERMILK chicken filets
RTC battered dark meat chunks
Offer Homestyle tender fritters
Offer RTC Chicken Nuggets
Offer FC and RTC Breaded Chicken Chunks!
Offer Fish Trim, new list!
Chciken Paws A / B Grade processed
Special Buy: Irregular Fried Egg Pattie
Duck, without giblets without neck, grade A, GOOSE Europe
Aptamil Profutura (UK) on the floor
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew Ice - - FOB FL
Radana oats from Ukraine
Offer - New List Irregular Sliced Meats
CHICKEN PAWS Grade A & MJW - Aug 2018
Heineken OW 25cl
Pricelist Beer & Energy Drinks & RTD 2018
Special Buy - Canned Fried Lucks Peaches !
Offer Mac & Cheese
Offer Breaded Beef and Breaded Pork
SPECIAL BUY - Ready-to-Drink Organic Vegan Chilled Soup 16.9 oz.
Bargain of the Week!
Hot Buy Breaded chicken patties 3.75oz
Available year round Raw Ground Chicken Meat
Salmon, Wood Grilled, Grilled Marked, Fully Cooked,
Hoegaarden 25cl
Nescafe Gold 100g Nutella 750g
SPECIAL BUY - Fruit Snacks .61 oz.
Scottish Glory
Kinder Joy 20g & Kinder Bueno White 39gr, Regular Supply
Special Buy Stuffed Hashbrowns
Offer NEW Burger King Chicken Filets 4oz
SPECIAL BUY Marie Calendar Loaf Cakes
Check Out our latest offer of Chicken Paws & Feet!
New Price Fish - Salmon, Strips, Wood Grilled, Grilled Marked, Fully Cooked, 0.7 oz portions, IQF
Offer IQF Cheese Ravioli
Ensure clear
Milka® Chocolate bars 100g, regular supply
Fully Cooked Grilled Chicken Breast Fillet, 3.5oz
Offer Super Crunch Chicken Filets 4oz
Offer Corndogs Chicken, Turkey etc
Offer Raw, B/L, S/L Chicken Breast Fillet, 4.5oz -
OFFER Homestyle chicken filets
SPECIAL BUY - Strawberry Wafer Cookies .7 oz.
SPECIAL BUY - Assorted ''Minees'' Sandwich Cookies 1.2 oz.
Breaded 8 piece chicken $.50/lb delivered
Fully Cooked Sausage Crumbles $.55/lb delivered
Offer RTC Chicken Nuggets
Fully Cooked Roasted Random Parts Fully Cooked/Packed in 2 5lb Clear Bags
Fully Cooked Grilled Chicken Breast Fillet
battered dark meat chicken - few loads available
Offer Fully Cooked Breaded Chicken Strips
1 LOAD LEFT $.75/lb Unbreaded Filets IQF
Hen Feet B grade
Special July Price Raw Seasoned Chicken Breast Fillet
Offer1 Ice Glazed Chicken Thighs
Red Bull
Offer Fish - Salmon, Strips, Wood Grilled, Grilled Marked, Fully Cooked, .07 oz portions, IQF
Jacobs 3in1 Milka instant coffe/Nescafe
Corona Beer 6 x 4 x 355 ml FOB Mexico
Food Offers from 20 July 2018
Offer Hushpuppies - 3 varieties available
Offer Tomato Basil Soup Mix 12 oz.
Offer RTC Chicken Thighs with Back
offer nescafe
Offer Fully Cooked Grilled Chicken Breast Fillet, target 4oz
1/2'' straight cut fries and slim cut CRINKLE FRIES
Coffe mate offer
Evian // Mentrex Pre Advice on the floor
Red Bull
Nerspresso 22000 Capsules
LINE ITEM - IW Frosted Fudge Cakes 1.5 oz.
Offer Strips of Fire and Buffalo Popcorn Chix
Offer Super Crunch Chicken Filets 4oz
Nutella 3kg
more fries
Special buy -8 piece cut up chicken
Ensure & Nestlé for the Asian Market
Whole Hens | Italy
Offer Breaded and Unbreaded Poultry starting at $.60/lb
NEW ITEM 342115 RTC Breaded Chicken Strips
Offer Raw Pork Rib Pieces
Offer IQF Chicken filet