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Purchasing Procedure

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To order is simple:


Documents, Procedures for purchasing - UCP 600 / Incoterms

These documents are generally required for purchasing of commodities and scrap materials.

Below are some drafts of the standard documents, note these are only formats and can be altered as required (click to download):

The Procedure for the sale-purchase of commodities is as follows:


These procedures apply for most commodities. For specific procedures please check on the specific product on products menu. The procedures shown here are used for buying Sugar ICUMSA 45 (as an example) .

We work with serious people and hence we ask you to treat us the same. Some unseasoned traders think that skipping procedures is a wise move. Business requires patience and if you do not have one we will decline our dealings with you. Commodities industry involves large amounts of money and without proper paperwork and procedures, accountability is at its lowest. Prior to submitting LOI and/or ICPO for your commodity order please make sure that your client the End Buyer is REAL and is financially capable of paying for the order. In order to be sure of the above mentioned issues we require the following:

  1. Buyer or Agent request SCO
  2. We send a SCO to Buyer or Agent.
  3. Buyer issues LOI complete with banking information and proof of financial capability to pay for the order. NOTE: If you are an agent or a mediator/facilitator you will need to sign NCNDA with us in order to procure your commission.
  4. Buyer submits a signed and sealed NCNDA.
  5. Once we confirm the financial capability of the buyer a draft contract will be issued by the appropriate Seller.

We will accept the following as acceptable Proof of Funds (POF)

Most buyers seek to implement their own procedures and sometimes based on their regional laws and banking procedures it can be understood.
However these procedures should deviate slightly from our general procedures that have been tried and tested and found to be working.

It must be understood that before the request is made to the seller/ buyers are advised to negotiate the terms of the procedures.

These terms cannot skip the preliminary step of providing buyer's details.

We cannot process any requests that aims to skip the buyer's identity. From our experience not knowing the identity of the buyer is the mark of brokers/mediators/facilitators who know nothing about the buyer or are just shopping for information and prices and have no intention of proceeding with the deal and this hurts our reputation badly.

Terms Of Use

Sample Policy


Samples will only be arranged on receipt of a provisional purchase order on buyers letterhead signed and sealed .

This must state "subject to seeing samples" we will purchase the offer of xxxxxx , quantity of xxxxxx at the agreed price of $ x.xx should sample be received as presented.

Samples are sold at full retail, this avoids the many people contacting us wanting free samples for personal use, if your a serious buyer you will understand this and this wont worry you, the difference will be refunded on purchase of full order.

We do hold many samples at our office, however mostly we arrange for our suppliers to dispatch samples using our DHL account

The cost MUST be paid in advance by Western Union or Swift transfer.

Please DO NOT ask if you can personally collect samples or pay the factory direct. This is because in the past has resulted in buyers trying to buy direct from our suppliers, we are also in business to earn and we do not provide free introductory services to our suppliers.

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