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Airbus 300 - 600 F Cargo Capacity - 46 tons or 350 cubic meters in volume

Airbus 300 - 600 F Cargo Capacity - 46 tons or 350 cubic meters in volume


Catalog #100080

Catagory: Aircraft  -- Fixed Wing Supply and Leasing
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Date Added: October 25, 2018 00:53
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Airbus 300 - 600 F

Cargo Capacity - 46 tons or 350 cubic meters in volume


Minimum 6 month ACMI lease

Cargo -

46 Tons or 350 Cubic Meter Volume


This information is required in order to better provide you with an expeditious and competitive quote, the more you can answer the faster and more accuratly we can quote:

1) When would the proposed lease commence:

2) Aircraft Type:

3) How many of each aircraft type/s are required to start the operation:

4) Type of Lease required:

5) Lease Duration:

6) Guaranteed monthly aircraft utilization in Hours:

7) Monthly aircraft Cycles:

8) Schedule of Operations:

9) Base of Operations:

10) Proposed Route:

11) Is this a “start-up” carrier or carriers “existing” operation:

a) If Existing, what type/s of aircraft are currently listed on the AOC?

b) If Startup, do you have your own AOC, or whose AOC are you proposing to utilize?

12) Are you a Broker, mandated agent or End user:

13) Details of Funding:

A. Have funds been budgeted and allocated for this Project:

B. Proof of Funds is required, are you able to provide proof of funds for this project once aircraft is accepted:


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