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2 x Small Tankers

2 x Small Tankers


Catalog #100146

Catagory: Ships/Vessels/Boats
Dragon's Price: CONTACT US
Date Added: October 26, 2018 05:32
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2 x Small Tankers

Please see Tankers below!

For sale the below 2 X Small Tankers:

Both inspectable and with delivery UAE, try elsewhere.


3253 dwt on 5.95m dft

Built 6/2013 China Delivered 1/2016

Classification society: PRS IMO No: 9531375

Type of vessel: KM Product Carrier B ESP AUT / IMO II

LOA: 88.22 m LBP: 82.50 m Moulded depth 13.00 m

Keel to Masthead: 28.79 m Bow to center manifold: 40.36 m

Stern to center manifold: 47.86 m Distance bridge front to center of manifold: 28.94 m

Solid centerline bulkhead in all cargo tanks

Vessel complies with MARPOL Annex I Reg 18.2 SBT

6 tanks (98%) 3699.225m3

2 cargo screw (diesel) 500m3/h max 10 Bar / 1 cargo centrifugal (electric) 300m3/h max 10 Bar

1 stripping screw 50m3/h max 10 Bar / 1 ballast stripping / 2 ballast centrifugal electric 186m3/h Max 2.8 Bar

3 cargo pumps can be run simultaneously at full capacity 3 grades

SS316L steam heating coils Maximum cargo temperature can maintained 80 C

All cargo tanks fully coated with 1st layer interline 704 off white, 2nd layer interline 704 red, 3rd layer interline 704 off white.

Ballast tanks and slop tanks are 100% coated

Vessel complies with latest edition of OCIFM recommendation for

equipment employed in the mooring of vessels at single point moorings.

1760kW (2391HP) G8300 G8300ZC18B 4T, 8 cyl, 550 rpm

3 Diesel generators, 263 kVA (210 kW), 380 V, 50 Hz

1 forward thruster 280 kW

Consumption: M/E at sea about 5 m/t on 550 RPM about 10 knots

D/G about 0.4 m/t per 24 hrs Cargo pumps about 08 m/t for 24 hrs

Boiler for heating from 4-7 m/t per 24 hrs depending of cargo

The boiler is for cargo use only.

It is understood that speed/consumption is given basis max 3 beaufort scale, calm weather, smooth sea

no opposite curents, for in/out ports and while navigating in canals , narrow and shallow waters the ship

burns MGO


3523. dwt on 5.95m dft

Year of build: 6/2012 China Date delivered: 10-2015

IMO No: 9531351 :IMO II

Classification society: PRS KM Product Carrier B ESP AUT

Propelling: 1471kW (1999 HP) 1 G6300 G6300ZC16B 4T, 6 cyl, 600 rpm

(all details believed correct and given in good faith but without guarantee)

Ideas are still usd 10.5 mill enbloc, we have seen and indication at usd 8 mill which they said would fix at minimum usd 10 mill but as brokers ultimately we believe they will accept usd 9 mill enbloc.



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