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Airbus A330 200 YOM 1999

Airbus A330 200 YOM 1999


Catalog #100756

Catagory: Aircraft  -- Fixed Wing Supply and Leasing
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Date Added: November 08, 2018 21:22
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Airbus A330 200 YOM 1999

Aircraft 7

Airbus A330 200

YOM 1999

Passenger Capacity -

Presently - 237

First Class - 12

Business Class - 42

Economy - 183

Can be converted to 300 - 350 passengers all y class

Points of interest -

Aircraft has the same fuel consumption as the B767-300 but with more seating capacity when modified

Lease Type -

ACMI or Full Charter - minimum 3 months

Minimum 6 month ACMI lease - can be converted to Lease/Purchase


400 seats all economy




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