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2021 EEC EV: Tailored High-speed/medium-speed EV/Low Speed electric Vehicles Car for Europe

2021 EEC EV: Tailored High-speed/medium-speed EV/Low Speed electric Vehicles Car for Europe


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Date Added: March 02, 2021 01:11

2021 EEC EV: Tailored High-speed/medium-speed EV/Low Speed electric Vehicles Car for Europe

Ec standards of our new energy electric vehicles have entered the German and European market, we are looking for the electric car dealers and the newly established joint venture partners of new energy electric vehicle assembly plant, the European economic community technical standards of high-speed car price is very high, the speed of 130 km/h, a more than 420 kilometers, there are RHD vehicles, price is about $18,000.

With the continuous breakthrough of new energy vehicle technology and the continuous increase of production, the manufacturing cost of electric vehicles will be continuously reduced. It is an inevitable trend for new energy electric vehicles to replace oil and fuel vehicles.

This is an important historical opportunity, and we are willing to work with you to launch the electric vehicle project in 2021.,

If you are serious about electric vehicle project, can you introduce your company? If you are interested in starting this project, please f

The target market is all of Europe however Germany is now taken for the VICTORY model and have ordered and imported 200 units .New energy vehicle is the future direction of automobile development.

Euro EEC Standard EV LHD / RHD Electric power High speed Saloon Car, If one time order Over 30 units order,

News of Chinese electric cars in Europe: ; ; ;

The advantages of our electric cars

. Technical advantages: High performance lithium battery, BMS constant temperature, high speed MAGNETIC synchronous motor MMS, the factory has the whole industrial chain technology of electric vehicles.VCUs proprietary intellectual property rights and a series of key technology patents.

. Product advantages: The battery range is over 400km, the battery pack is extremely long, the battery activation and regeneration patented technology is anti-battery attenuation, and the high speed is 130km/h. Compared with similar products, our electric vehicle is more cost-effective.

. Technological innovation and leading shipping.European certification EEC, the German market access accreditation and government subsidies list.The technology is accepted by the European market.

Selling points of our electric car:

. European standard, European certification EEC, quality recognized by the European market.

. Ideal model family models and standard Shared rental car standards.Also has to meet the right rudder market RHD models.

. We can customize the vehicle configuration according to the local market demand of different countries.

Segment Positioning: The main market is Taxi/Online Ride Hailing like Uber, followed by Official Cars, Commuter Car and Family Car

High Speed Electric Power Saloon Car Elite ADICBBOX01 Series

Ex Factory: $ 9500- 10,999.00 (Detail Technical Parameters and Catalog in Attachment)

Market segment position and features or selling points

1, Very high cost performance, More than 100 kilometers per hour, 150-200km range

2, Deluxe interior, more interior space, than same type other car

3, Segmentation market positioning: young people, commuter scooters, second cars for families, and new supercurrent people ,pleasant driving pursuer

4, Intelligent Internet of Vehicles System,

RHD/LHD Two Cabin Solaris Car Series:

3.1, The 800cc /1100cc Gasoline engine Taxi Car;

3.2, EV Solar Energy Middle and high Speed Car:

3.2.1, EV Speed 70-80KM, Maximum range 220km + solar battery charging extend 30km;

3.2.2, EV Speed > 100KM, Maximum range 250km. + solar battery charging extend 30km, it can meet city Taxi market requirement !

Segment Positioning: Official Cars, Commuter Car,Family Car and Taxi Car

Especially suitable for the car assembly plant project, electric vehicles can be co-production with gasoline Car in Same assembly production Line, especially suitable for the current stage of electric vehicles do not popularize the gasoline vehicle market mainly transitional stage, one production line can produce a series of models, such arrangement makes the investment cost performance is the highest

3. Mini Bus 7-8 Seats of Gasoline model EX factory 5,400-6,600 and Electric Power Model EX factory 7,500-8,700.00

3.3 , RHD /LHD mini car

A,BGG 800cc engine Model(CKD) LHD/RHD and Gasoline 800cc Engine Ex factory: $ 4999

B,BGE E3 EV Low speed Car (CKD) Ex factory: $ 4,999-7,299.00 ( Customize configuration according to the range )

FOB PRICE (USD) 4,999 4,900--6,999

Vehicle Model V7 V7E

Overall dimensions(mm) 3350*1500*1550mm 3350*1500*1550mm

Wheelbase(mm) (mm)

1730mm 1730mm


1150mm/1150mm 1150mm/1150mm

Front/Rear Suspension(mm)

Front McPherson type independent suspension, rear drag and drop type integral rear bridge Front McPherson type independent suspension, rear drag and drop type integral rear bridge

Min.ground clearance(mm)

15cm 15cm

Rated Passengers 4 4

Curb Weight(Kgs) 800kg 800kg

Position of Engine


Type of Engine 3 cylinder, Suzuki technology Maxspeed 50km/H

Engine-Displacement(cc) 0.8L Power 5kw

Numbers of Cylinder

3 /

Develiping way from SKD to CKD and Localized manufacturing

if local auto assembly plant can be assembling taxi cars through KD,and take the governments tariff preferences and tax incentives can greatly reduce the import cost.

1, electric/petrol car assembly plant production equipment budget of the investment, overseas is private custom products according to the need for auto production line, production line all design need according

to some important information, such as, models, types of vehicles, factory production, production standards, standards for environmental protection, investment ability, production line automation, factory long-term planning, land area,

average wage standard of the workers, the governments industrial policy, import tariffs and related tax policy...And so on.As a result of above requirement different, standard is different, the cost of equipment investment differs

greatly.500 thousand - 10 million dollars can meet the production, but the scale is different, the production efficiency is different.In short, the investment budget for an electric car production line is not

a ready-made product, but a bespoke one.Its not a static, off-the-shelf product.Sufficient information exchange between both parties is very important, Equipment budget is from $550 thousand to $11 million .

2, Chinas automobile industry background information

n 2016, China produced about 28.6m cars, more than the combined output of Japan, South Korea and the us

In 2017, China produced 10,000 new energy vehicles, ranking first in the world and surpassing the total output of the United States, Japan, the republic of Korea, Germany, France and other countries.In 2018, China produced 12.5 million new energy vehicles

In 2018, the Chinese governments new standard for making the best electric cars surpassed Europes high standards.China already leads the world in electric vehicle technology,

Starting from 2019, Chinas automobile manufacturing standard is Chinas VI standard (Europes VI technology is the same).

In 2018, China exported 400,000 buses, more than all other countries combined (Japan, South Korea, Germany, the United States)

China is by far the worlds largest car manufacturer. There is no need to argue about this fact, but what you are getting is the old information of the past.The truth is that Japanese brands have lost the battle in the Chinese auto market, suzuki has withdrawn from the Chinese market, isuzu and nissan have seen their market share drop dramatically, and Korean auto factories have closed.

3, There are two investment models for electric vehicle assembly plants: All production lines are input once. This is an investment in a standard CKD car assembly plant.The advantages are quick effect, high efficiency, suitable for the capital is very sufficient investors.The disadvantage is that if the

models produced do not match the market, the cost of transformation will be high and there will be some risks.The equipment investment budget is shown in the attached file.

Another way to invest in the production line is to invest in stages and batches, starting from SKD assembly and gradually upgrading to CKD auto assembly plant.The disadvantage is that the development cycle is longer and

the efficiency is lower.Advantages are small risk, can rely on the accumulation of projects, rolling development, suitable for investors who are not very sufficient funds.The equipment investment budget is shown in the attached file.

4, High - speed electric vehicles and low - speed electric vehicles:

he project of high-speed electric vehicle factory is a capital-intensive, technology-intensive and labor-intensive project. Without the preferential policies of the government and the support of large financial consortiums, the project of high-speed electric vehicle is very difficult to start.The Chinese government offers a hefty 50% subsidy to consumers who buy high-speed electric cars.Without government subsidies, high-speed electric cars simply cannot operate.So electric high-speed cars are a luxury.The manufacturing cost of high-speed electric cars is three to four times the cost of fuel cars, such a high cost, whether there is a market.In fact, low - speed electric car manufacturing costs are more easily accepted by the market.

5. Market analysis of the auto assemble plant by Turn Key Project and Joint Venture model

Definition of our Turn Key Project

The turn key project is aiming at offering you an easy and quick approach to enter the automobile industry, we will help you to establish an assembly factory and provide you automobile parts for assembling first, we export parts to your side under SKD or CKD in order that great much cost will be cut, we help you design and build up the assembly plant as well as provide you necessary and detailed technology assistance till you master all required technologies and be capable to make vehicles on your own totally, in general, this project is a great and convenient way for investors to enter a promising automobile industry with comparatively much smaller investment (1/10-1/20 of the traditional automobile plant )


If you wish to know more message of full Equipment list of SKD assembly line and Cost of EV & Gas Car, please inform us.

6. Outstanding convenience for business operation:

a. Since the farming vehicles are greatly supported by many countries and many preferential policies are being applied such as reduction of tariffs and various taxations and other advantageous strategies included.

b. By SKD even CKD transportation method you can save much transportation fee, a 40HQ container can load 14-16 units by SKD or 30 units by CKD multi-function farming trucks.

c. You can start to do SKD first and then after the maturity of that you can either to choose to enlarge your scale and use CKD to reduce cost further or choose to make other vehicle types such us car, SUV and pickup, from then on you will truly enter the automobile industry.

7. Developing-country type mini truck,pickup Characteristics

1, Developing-country performance is good chassis strong and durable. fit Africa and developing country road.

2, Export packing amount is large, save freight cost assemble simple,

3, local assemble very simple,and invest very small. please you look equipment budget list in enclosure.

8, Customized design and investment budget for automobile production line.

You have to ask about the most economical investment plan.Under SKD condition, the final assembly line is about $200,000 - $300,000, the coating line is about $50,000 - $100,000, the detection line is about $30,000 - $50,000, and other general equipment is about $30,000 - $50,000.Since the technical requirements are different, we can only give a range of cost estimates. If you add CKD assembly process.The corresponding coating line and assembly line should be adjusted.

9,New energy electric cars and fuel cars?

New energy electric vehicles represent the development direction of automobiles. However, in the actual operation process, it is found that there is also a process for consumers to accept new energy electric vehicles, as well as investment in necessary infrastructure and relevant preferential policies supported by the government.The right investment for an automotive assembly plant project would be to start both a petrol-powered vehicle and an electric vehicle, preferably the same vehicle with both a petrol-powered and an electric model

10, New energy electric cars with import tariff

Once the tariff on the import of whole electric vehicle and KD is the same tariff rate, both of which are zero tariff, there is no tariff difference for local assembly.The cost of spare parts plus packaging will be higher than the cost of the whole vehicle.If you assemble

electric cars locally.Its kind of like "farting with your pants down," adding an extra program.The cost will increase by another 10%.This is not a wise choice.Unless the local government has high subsidies other side, Because Chinese electric car is made in China standard, Europe does not accept Chinese manufacturing standard.

If you have interest to join in China chain Stores taxi car KD assembly plant, please you inform us, we will deliver more detail information, and a questionnaire of Auto KD assembly plant project.

11. Investment budget for nitial small-scale automobile assembly plant project:

Factory area :Land 15000-25000M2 and workshop 3000-8000 square meters

Equipment investment budget:

In the SKD stage, the investment budget is $300,000-600,000, while the production in CKD stage needs to be increased again by $300,000-600,000.

As for output and investment budget, due to different plant design capacity, number of models, degree of automation, environmental standards, long-term planning, power supply capacity, these changes will affect the investment budget amount.The above budget amount is an initial investment budget for a simple automobile assembly line, with a monthly production capacity of 100-300 vehicles.If you need to continue to increase production capacity, improve the level of automation of production line equipment, just continue to increase investment, increase equipment, production capacity will continue to improve.

Intelligent public transport

We can also provide more intelligent taxi, online car hailing, car sharing management system!

China has established a sound urban public transport safety system, including urban public transport buses, taxis, intelligent and networked management, which has greatly improved the efficiency, safety and reliability, which is the development trend of urban public transport management.We can provide all the smart public transport services.

Intelligent public transportation system has effective data management and analysis ability, operation data management and analysis data management.Its purpose is to ensure effective management, planning and scheduling of daily operations, as well as to provide high-quality information and advisory services to the public.To provide real-time system status query and historical data analysis services for managers, support decision makers to develop traffic control measures.The intelligent public transport management system is also the main component of the government anti-terrorism information system.


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