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#221310 + #221330 -155 - N/Offers COPPER POWDER ULTRAFINE POWDER 99.999% minimum.

#221310 + #221330 -155 - N/Offers COPPER POWDER ULTRAFINE POWDER 99.999% minimum.


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Catagory: Commodities ( Rice, Sugar , Soy Grains, Minerals and Ore)
Dragon's Price: CONTACT US
Date Added: December 28, 2022 02:26
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#221310 + #221330 -155 - N/Offers COPPER POWDER ULTRAFINE POWDER 99.999% minimum.

copper powder, please let me know if you have any sources that deal with this.

I must clarify the following points:

As you know, the price indicated by ISE is 2000$US per Gram.

But currently, given the situation and the few REAL buyers, our sellers have agreed to set a sale price at 200 USD gross, per gram, or 10% of its value.

3/ Commissions, deducted from the gross price, are 10% or 20 USD per gram, including:

5% Mandate Seller and Side (Me ), Closed

5% Buyer and Side Mandate (Your Group), Open.

4/ We offer you a 1st Batch of 1008Kgs of CU ISO, with possibility of extension but there is no longer a total of 10 Tons, because we have just sold a batch of 650Kgs at the advertised price.

5/ Attached:

- SCO for 1008 Kgs = 1,008,000 Gr CU ISO

- Photos from CUs stock

6/ All negotiations are open and we are ready to provide all the documents concerning this batch of 1008Kgs of CU which are at Cosmotrans in Zurich, with an SKR of 11/11/2022.

7/ N/Réf #221330 : Apart from this offer, we also have another exceptional offer for 335 Kgs of CU ISO, at the Sacrificial Price of 60 US$ per Gram, including 10% commission.

But this offer is only valid for 3 days provided that we receive an SBLC or DLC by then as a guarantee from the buyer, payable to the seller.

In any case, to be able to move forward and send you all the information and documents, we need immediately, through you:

- CIS of the Buyer.

- Letter of interest indicating the total quantity desired with the GROSS purchase price proposal.

If you have a REAL buyer, please consider your interest and get back to me ASAP.


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