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Airline AOC for sale any aircraft can be added to the AOC

Airline AOC for sale any aircraft can be added to the AOC


Catalog #165832

Catagory: Aircraft
Dragon's Price: CONTACT US
Date Added: February 22, 2024 22:55

Airline AOC for sale any aircraft can be added to the AOC

The current aircraft we have under the AOC air aB757-200VIP engaged in Rock Bands tours almost all year around.

A/C is currently in England undergoing routine maintenance.

Once again, the package AOC + Aircraft is for sale.

1 B757-200VIP and a Maltese AOC :

1 YOM 1989 B757-200VIP

( see attached pictures and LOPA diagram)

Herewith attached a sanitized copy of a Maltese AOC we currently have for sale; we’d like to bring at your attention our esteemed client wish to sell the whole package, Aircraft and AOC at 12.95 Mil.

In case of serious interest we will require an NCDA, LOI and POF

In EU, an AOC is valid as long as the civil aviation revokes or suspends the said AOC, it doesnt expire.

There is a review per year, and an audit on a 2 years cycle (operations / airworthiness to simplify) by Civil Aviation.

the vendor is now exclusively authorized to provide direct access through Username and Password to the latest and updated iCloud database of both financial and maintenance reports of the Maltese AOC and Aircraft for sale.

For further they must receive a valid LOI and POF .

Any Aircraft can be added to this AOC which has rights to fly worldwide

An AOC in Europe MUST have its “principal place of business” in a suitable office that can be visited anytime by “the competent authority” (in our case Malta). So yes for the offices, located in Sliema. As for the staff, an AOC needs at least 6 “nominated persons” (Flight Ops, Airworthiness, Ground Ops, Compliance, Safety, Training..) and obviously the existing owner does have these approved nominated persons on the AOC. They can remain there is needed and as agreed

The AOC is sold debt free, all accounts and balances to zero, with the 2023 profits left in the company for 12 months to cover potential unforeseen liabilities.

Remaining at your disposal in case further questions will arise.

#jetst/ ICB


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