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Offer for Sale: Unique Biodiesel Plant in Brazil

Offer for Sale: Unique Biodiesel Plant in Brazil


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Date Added: May 24, 2024 01:10

Offer for Sale: Unique Biodiesel Plant in Brazil

Brazils Biodiesel Opportunity: A Nearly Complete Plant Awaits

Brazil mandates a 15% biodiesel blend in diesel fuel, guaranteeing a market for all biodiesel produced.

This presents a lucrative opportunity, especially considering Petrobras, the state-owned oil giant, has exited biodiesel production, leaving the market to private companies.

This nearly finished biodiesel plant (95% complete) offers a significant advantage. Similar plants typically require 2-3 years for construction, but this one can be operational in just 100 days.

Financing is readily available. BNDES, the Brazilian development bank, provides attractive credit lines specifically for the biodiesel sector. This allows you to secure government funding at low interest rates, facilitating the acquisition of this valuable asset.

In conclusion, this nearly complete biodiesel plant represents an exceptional opportunity. With a guaranteed market and attractive financing options, its an investment I highly recommend.


Mubadala Capital , a leading asset management firm from Abu Dhabi, is planning to invest a staggering US$13.5 billion over the next decade in a groundbreaking biofuels project in Brazil . This presents an exceptional opportunity to acquire a state - of - the - art biodiesel plant poised to revolutionize the industry.

We are proud to present an exceptional opportunity to acquire a one - of - a-kind , brand new biodiesel production facility in Brazil .

A Leader in Sustainability and Responsibility Key Features

Unparalleled Production Capacity: With a daily output of 1 , 20 0 cubic meters of biodiesel , this plant stands as one of the largest in the world , offering immense potential for market dominance.

Massive built area :13 ,00 0 square meters

Advanced Technology: Equipped with cutting - edge technology , the plant utilizes non-food plant matter, ensuring sustainable and eco - friendly production practices .

Strategic Location: Situated in Várzea Grande , Mato Grosso , a prime industrial

hub , the plant benefits from excellent logistics and access to raw materials.

Expansion Potential: The plants ample space provides the ideal foundation for expanding operations , including the integration of a soybean crushing facility to

maximize resource utilization.

Aligned with Growing Demand: Biodiesel is a rapidly growing industry with strong demand , driven by environmental concerns and government mandates .

Positioned for Global Success

Poised to become a major player in the global biodiesel market .

Backed by a robust economic and professional structure with exceptional technical expertise .

A Commitment to a Greener Future

Embraces responsible growth and environmental preservation as core values .

Utilizes a variety of vegetable oils and animal fats to produce the highest quality biodiesel .

Prioritizes the implementation of cutting - edge technologies that minimize

environmental impact and pollution.

Beyond Biodiesel: A Catalyst for Positive Change

Biodiesel production fosters vital energy generation across various sectors.

Contributes to socio - economic strengthening by creating employment and income opportunities .

Investing in Progress , Sustainability , and Well - being

Offer is a unique opportunity to invest in a company driven by progress, a sustainable future , and social well - being.

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Investment Highlights

Access to a Lucrative Market: Acquire a significant stake in the expanding biodiesel market , poised for exponential growth .

Ownership of Advanced Technology: Benefit from the latest advancements in

biodiesel production , ensuring operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Leadership in Sustainability: Become a frontrunner in sustainable energy production , aligning with global environmental goals .

Diversification Opportunities: Explore the potential to integrate a soybean crushing facility, adding value to the operation and expanding revenue streams.

Call to Action

Seize this extraordinary opportunity to own a piece of the future of energy. With its exceptional production capacity, advanced technology , strategic location , and expansion

potential , this unique biodiesel plant is poised to become a leader in the global market .

Additional Considerations:

The plant aligns with Brazils increasing biodiesel mandate , which is expected to reach 15% by March 2025.

The integration of a soybean crushing facility offers the potential to produce and

export soybean meal , a valuable product in the agricultural sector .

The investment aligns with Mubadala Capitals broader strategy to expand its presence in Brazil and contribute to the countrys sustainable development goals.

This investment opportunity presents a compelling combination of economic potential, environmental responsibility, and alignment with global trends . By acquiring this unique biodiesel plant , you can position yourself at the forefront of a transformative industry while making a positive impact on the planet .

For inquiries or to express interest , please contact us

Dont miss this chance to become a part of the future of clean energy .

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