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1990 B737-500 PAX Price: US$1,7M

1990 B737-500 PAX Price: US$1,7M


Catalog #59583

Catagory: Aircraft  -- Fixed Wing Supply and Leasing
Dragon's Price: CONTACT US
Date Added: June 12, 2014 21:19
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1990 B737-500 PAX Price: US$1,85M

This 1990 B737-500 (US$1,85M) is available again because client was fake buyer without fund.

Specification attached. Current location – Turkey.

Airplane is properly hangared after C and D checks is done,

1990 B737-500 pax Specification:

Boeing B737-500 / YOM: 1990 / Interior: 132 seats – All Economy; Model: 990-TW102X-XX; Lavatories: 2;

TTSN: 53,000 hrs., With fresh C-Check done. Airworthy conditions. Remaining time till next C-Check due is 2000 hrs.

TAFC (Landings): 35,880;

C-Check Interval: 4,000 hrs.

Next C-Check: 57,000 hrs.

Last D-Check: May 2010 is done.

Engines: CFM56-3-B1/rated at 20000 (on condition)

- 1st Engine TSN: 52697 Flight Hours / Time since last overhaul: 10,877 hrs; / Cycles SLO: 5,262;

- 2nd Engine TSN: 51997 Flight Hours / Time since last overhaul: 10,877 hrs; / Cycles SLO: 5,262;

APU: Honeywell GTSP85-129H (on condition); Total Time: 32837 hrs.

Advanced EFIS SG Avionics / AirData Computer / EGWPS/ DFDR/ FMCS CDU/ IRU/ WR – Collins / etc

Summary of Estimated Costs -

Cost Summary Per Annum Per Month Per Operating Day Percentage Cost

Fuel $5,318,370.75 $443,197.56 $25,325.58 98.9%

Finance $8,218.64 $684.89 $39.14 0.2%

Fixed Costs $19,510.00 $1,625.83 $92.90 0.4%

Tyres $2,319.66 $193.30 $11.05 0.0%

Maintenance $17,121.30 $1,426.77 $81.53 0.3%

Service $12,000.00 $1,000.00 $57.14 0.2%

Depreciation $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 0.0%

Total Estimate $5,377,540 $448,128 $25,607.33 100.0%

Time in Operation 5.26 hours per day - (estimated average)

Time in Operation 1104.6 hours per annum - (estimated average)

Distance Travelled 105000 Nautical Miles per year - (estimated average)

Service Intervals 12 per year (estimated average) (minimum 1 service per year)

Maintenance Intervals 3 per year (estimated average) (minimum 1 general maintenance per year)


Operating Margin 15.0%

Estimated Charge per Hour $ 5,727.43 + GST / Tax (per operating day)

Operating Cost per Day $ 25,607.33 Est. Charges per Day $ 30,126.28 Margin per Day $ 4,518.94

Estimated Cost per Hour $ 4,868.31 Est. Charge per Hour $ 5,727.43 Margin per Hour $ 859.11

Average Cost per Person $ 341.43 Av. Charge per Person$ 401.68 Margin per Person $ 60.25

Average Cost per Km $ 51.21 Av. Charge per Km $ 60.25 Margin per Km $ 9.04

Once the Mandate and LOI from buyer RWA to buy is received, we then will connect the buyer and seller

directly, hereby to save a time for all parties. POF is not required first because price of plane

is low. But our DDF US$500 (refundable) is due before buyer will be directed to seller.


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