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Refinery to sell

Refinery to sell


Catalog #60744

Catagory: Plant and Equipment
Dragon's Price: CONTACT US
Date Added: July 12, 2014 18:00
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Refinery to sell

This is the refinery when it was operating, just a few days before they started to shut it down.

the full dossier of photos and documents about the refinery, dismantling, storage, TUV reports, evaluation of condition, lifespan expectancy etc.

Is available when we know where this refinery is headed, approve the destination and have a serious letter of intent .

Refinery is 100,000 BPD refinery already packed in containers and ready to be shipped and installed in new location.

It produces diesel according to EURO 3 and the owner/seller will commit to upgrade it to EURO 4.

The price is for the refinery and shipping;

The erection in the new location is dependent on the licenses, terrain, infrastructure etc. and for this I can bring you an EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) company that will build it at a price to be agreed.

The price for the refinery including shipping and upgrading to EURO 4 is only 152 million US$. (brokers to mark up)

Here is some information and answers to questions submitted to me by another Arab potential buyer.

Please let us know:

1. The refinery manufacture any year? The various parts were added during the years, so each part has its own date.

2., As well as the country of origin or the country in the factory? .it was built by Foster Wheeler, those familiar with the industry know that this is a sign of excellence.

3. How many years is the service? . TUV Rheinland made an inspection and evaluation of “Life expectancy” and concluded that the life expectancy is 20 years.

4. Whether you need maintenance or not? The refinery was “put to sleep” under supervision of Foster Wheeler and cleaned to be put in proper storage condition. It will be refurbished back to the “new” condition by the manufacturer. Also upgrade to produce EURO 4 quality of diesel instead of the present EURO 3.

5. From any country will be shipping? It will be shipped from Europe (Mediterranean sea)

Thank you.

Residual Life Expectancy of Ex-AAAAA Refinery Equipment

To Whom It May Concern

Regarding the residual life expectancy of the 100k bpd refinery equipment originally installed and

operating until 2004 in Mediterranean Sea under the company and currently dismantled and stored in the free

zone area, the following were taken into account:

· S&Q Mart was the Third Party throughout the dismantling activities during 2009

and until June 2010. The same also supervised the transportation and storage in the free zone

area where the equipment currently resides.

· The review of all AAAA refinery previous performance, production and maintenance records.

· The state of the currently dismantled equipment.

· Correct dismantling operation.

· The Owner,s refurbishment program and more specifically the relevant ITP (Inspection &

Test Plan) that will govern any and all refurbishing activities to be executed on the said


· Targeted potential re-location.

· TUV Rheinland Turkey and S&Q Mart’s executed upon owner’s order, Valuation Report on

the exact same equipment, issued on February 2010.

Based on the above provisions, the assumptions and limitations stated herein and a comparison with

existing facilities of similar type, design and operation, a useful lifetime of 20 (twenty) years can be

assumed after implementation of the correct refurbishment, the highest attention and accuracy during

construction and the best practice as per the relevant international industry maintenance standards

during the whole lifespan of the refinery.


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