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Original stocklot BILOXXI DENIM WORK JEANS Europe july 12 14

Original stocklot BILOXXI DENIM WORK JEANS Europe july 12 14


Catalog #60792

Catagory: Apparel/Fabrics  -- Garments
Dragon's Price: 4.49 EUR
Date Added: July 13, 2014 08:26
Quantity: 8759
Page Views: 1

Important This offer can not ,be disclosed on the Internet

This offer refers to NEW products from METRO Group (one of the groups most

,important of the great international distribution), which does not relate

to goods or inventory returns, but rather, a commodity that has never gone

on sale and therefore is still in its original packaging.

Article : 0607


, With Tool Pockets ,

2 Front Pockets

2 Rear Pockets

Hammer Loop

2 Leg Pockets

2 Additional Rear Pockets


Availability : 8,759 pcs.

SIZE Pcs/availability

S 71

M 1,151

L 3,307

XL 3,109

XXL 1,211!

New Products

First Quality

Single Confection

No Sale - Restriction

Prompt delivery in Italy

Valid Offers Except to sold

Special Price Stock : 4,49 EUR pcs. EXW ITALY


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