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Daimler /Steyr 230GE -Puch 4x4 , Bj. 1989 bis 1995 Europe

Daimler /Steyr 230GE -Puch 4x4 , Bj. 1989 bis 1995 Europe


Catalog #63028

Catagory: Vehicles
Dragon's Price: 102,990.00 EUR
Date Added: September 20, 2014 00:35
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Daimler /Steyr 230GE -Puch 4x4 , Bj. 1989 bis 1995 Europe

Item number: 10870

Daimler / Steyr 230 GE -Puch, 4x4

Total: 13 pcs.

Bj. 89-95,

Complete only sale!

Cars are all identical, automatic transmission,

Top state /condition

Price: 102990, - € / 1 pcs. Net, from location Germany

Technical data Puch 230 GE

Series: 461

Year: 01 1990-1996

Made in Austria

Drive: Selectable 4x4 differential lock with 100% in the rear axle ratio 2.14: 1 Road (1.0: 1)

Transmission: 4-speed automatic Type A 028 W 4 with the translations 4.007 2.392 1.463 5.495 1:00 R torque

Conversion factor I = 2

Engine: Four-cylinder M 102 E 23 KAT 2,299 cc 85 kW (DIN) at 5,100 min-1 at 180 Nm 4.000 min-1

Starter: Bosch 24V engaged drive / 1.5 kW

Generator: Bosch 28V 30A

Battery: 2 piece 12 V / 55 Ah

Fuel tank: 90l unleaded gasoline

Urban consumption: 17.2 liters / 100 km

Consumption of 90 km / h: 12.2 l / 100 km

Consumption of 120 km / h: 16.2 l / 100 km

Empty weight: 2.200 kg

Total weight: 3000 kg

Wheelbase: 2,850 mm

Fording depth: 600 mm

Length: 4,630 mm

Width: 1700 mm

Height: 2080 mm

Turning circle diameter: 13.4 m

Tires: 205 R 16 on the rim 5 1/2 H2 1916 JK

Steering: power, from attack to attack 3.75 revolutions

Construction: removable cover insurance plan, standard pallets (80 * 120cm) can be downloaded from the rear doors can be loaded

Loading Bridge: Increased canvas (Interior height 1320mm), with a load protective wall with stone removed

Vehicle ground: sealed openings Public to the end of the cleaning water

Canvas: two parts: It can be the loading bridge, as well as the driver,s compartment covered Individually. Load rear wall of protection can be rolled up

Seats: two approved sites: two front, two rear seats each individual and each 2 3 benches Individually upright and Easily detachable

Schwallwassersch .: To protect against the cool mud aufzusetzendes is a baffle in the vehicle. Other components are protected

Tool: Tool box behind the front passenger seat. A shovel throw is right on the bottom of the car ground


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