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New Item - Color Tarpaulin/​Banner Remnants - Ready to Ship - NEW PRICE!

New Item - Color Tarpaulin/​Banner Remnants - Ready to Ship - NEW PRICE!


Catalog #63669

Catagory: Plant/Equipment
Dragon's Price: CONTACT US
Date Added: October 10, 2014 04:30
Page Views: 1

New Item - Color Tarpaulin/Banner Remnants - Ready to Ship - NEW PRICE!

PVC Color Tarp/Banner Remnants

Can combine with other PVC roll goods!


- 1-10 yard pieces+

- Packing: Carton Bales

- Widths 54 inches+

- Assorted Colors

- Made in USA

- Ready to Ship!

Price: 39c/lb USD EXW

Great deal for any sign maker

Location: USA

Ready to ship!

Assorted PVC Color Tarpaulin or Banner


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