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Wildlife Independent Film

Wildlife Independent Film


Catalog #73906

Catagory: Business Opportunities / Investments
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Date Added: September 06, 2016 23:31
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Wildlife Independent Film

Here is another very intersting co-investment deal from a client of mine

It has a long, long, way to go with NO DATA or Trailer from YOTE the Movie yet...but here is a nascent, work-in-progress to show those who must SEE something Online to give us credence. (Even a few photos, names, Links, etc.)

Anyway, here it is...(A work-in-progress):

Here,s the YOTE website in progress (For our Manhattan equity investors, ($...M) and now the HK investors,($...M) who must SEE something online to believe in our film cause & invest to get this important film ,made, in 2016/17.):

Year of the Elephant (Pt. I)

,Year of the Elephant, is the working title of an independent family-rated

Feature film. Shot and produced in Thailand with Hollywood production and

Acting values this live-action adventure includes a touch of romance carried

Along by a mythical Asian elephant in the jungles and cities of exotic Thailand.

STATUS: As of Jan. 5th 2015 project is fully developed pending completion

Of financing. (A ,New York Group, currently has approx. 80% ($6M USD)in

Liquid funds for the YOTE production budget of $8M USD.

Paperwork is

Completed and release of funds is now contingent upon securing final 20% ($2M USD) in Hong Kong or Singapore w/LOI & POF Bank Letter for Verification) Story and script are complete with all rights secured budget is Complete professional crew and major cast are lined up ending funding.)

PRODUCTION SCHEDULE: Commencement of principal photography is

Slated for 2016 with a 5-6 week period. Completed film is

Scheduled for 16 /17 release.

FINANCING: The producers shall have $8 million in equity financing secured

Once last $2M of funds are safely in a HK or SQ prime bank escrow account contact to the representatives of the $6M JV ,New York Group, will be

Provided to the ,BKK-HK-SQ Group, and their funding sources. Completion of

Full legal and business arrangements between the equity partner(s) and

Producers will then occur in Jan-Feb.2015.

EXPECTED RETURNS AND PROFITS: A business plan summary is

Available which indicates a 40% annualized return to the investors which

Might range from 20% to over 50% globally under different scenarios.

DISTRIBUTION: Worldwide distribution via sale of rights under one or more

Distribution arrangements. Currently TWC and Fox Searchlight have shown

Interest in a worldwide package while AMC has expressed interest in North

America rightsthis may change due to AMC,s purchase by China (PRC).

DIRECTOR/PRODUCER: Alan J. Manzano director of Japan commercial

And industrial films making his feature Co-Directorial debut w/ Mr. Marty

Schwartz bringing his 30 years+ of Hollywood production experience(Night

At the MuseumKarate KidPink Panter-2(each w/ $75--$100M budgets)to

YOTE as Co-Director all under the auspices of APD Associates CoLtdof


EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Contingent on financing arrangements with

Investorsincluding a 5-Time Oscar-nominated A-List Actor & Elephant lover.

CAST: This film is not star-driven but story driven. An impressive cast of

Professionals including Sam ElliotRinko Kikuchi (Oscar nominee) & Oscar winning

Actress Mercedes Ruehl are pending on completion of financing.

TAG LINE: A Bull Elephant within a herd of elephants a hill tribe village an

American pilot and a lovely Thai lady lead the fight against a band of bumbling

Ivory trading bandits---and the elephants lead them to victory!

FURTHER DETAILS are available upon written confirmation of interest and

ND/NCA: Story SynopsisScript Detailed Budget Business Plan SummaryTechnical and Crew Wish-List etc.

MAY NEWS: Ms. Sharon Kwok, (HK Actress/Producer and anti-Wildlife Trafficking ,Eco Warrior,), has agreed to join us as Actress and Co-Producer on YOTE:

MORE on Wildlife Trafficking activist, Ms. Sharon Kwok on CNN & BBC:

BBC (mistook her name):

Sharon interview on CNN:

...This is my WORD, for your Investor support of our unique anti-ivory, pro-family, anti-Wildlife Trafficking, Independent Film, YEAR OF THE ELEPHANT. (Pt. 1 of a 3-Pt. Franchise Series.)

FYI, here,s some YOTE data along with IMDB links to some of the key ,Above-the-Line, Production staff of our professional YOTE Team--UK& Hollywood Producers Charles & Co-Director Marty.

Mr. Charles Salmon & Mr. Marty Schwartz have a combined total of over 70 years of Hollywood Production and indy film production experience. With major Hollywood stars such as Oscar winners, Nicole Kidman, Colin Furth, the late Robin Williams, Steve Martin, and even the late, great Marlon Brando. (Marty worked at Marlon,s home during his Master Class on Acting shortly before he died in 2004.)

We are also in talks with Oscar winner Mr. Jeremy Irons to join us as YOTE ,Narrator,. (See photo below with HK anti-ivory activist Ms. Sharon Kwok.)

Here are a few of the Year of the Elephant Pt. 1 Producers who will join our excellent YOTE production Team in 2015.

1) Producer Charles Salmon (British) Now in Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand.

IMDB link:

2) Producer Marty Schwartz(American):

IMDB Link:

3) Line Producer/Unit Production Manager-- Ric Lawes (Australian)


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