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Product update: 9 New Product areas

Product update: 9 New Product areas


Catalog #89936

Catagory: Commodities
Dragon's Price: CONTACT US
Date Added: December 12, 2017 23:27
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Product update: 9 New Product areas

Att: Purchasing Manager:

This is an updated list of our products, for your consideration.

Products Area 1:

Item 1: Sulfur Prill 99.9%

High purity USA produced 50 lb bags prilled sulfur loaded in 20 FCL

Min 1000 MT per shipment

FOB price West Coast USA

Item 2: SULFUR

shipments of 15,000 MT Min

( granular,lumps, flakes and prill)

Item : Molten Sulfur


Sulfur Content: 99.9+ wt.-% minimum as Elemental Sulfur

Color / Appearance: Light Yellow to Orange, Molten Liquid

Odor: Sulfur Dioxide-Like Odor

Bulk Density: 111.8 Lbs./Cu. Ft. @ 275 degrees .

Source: Production from high quality “Claus” Sulfur

Packaging: Train Tank Car / Truck Trailer

Railroad quantities


50% & 60% with low Fe value

Minimum quantity 100 MT

Products Area 2

Item : Crude iodine

2000 Kg 6000 kg o r Container load

Packing 25 Kg fiber drums

Specify annual demand and port of destination

Item: Povidone Iodine

Item: Iodine, ACS reagent

50 Kg minimum/Packing 10 Kg Package. This is a DEA List I chememical ,

and buyer must submit information on the end user and usage.

Item : 1-iodopropane

state your quantity and destination




Spec: 99%min.

Hazard: Non-hazardous goods

Packing: 200kg/drum

Item : Potassium Iodide

minimum 1 MT per shipment

Packing 25 kg fiber drums

Products area 3

item: Epichlorohydrin

Description of indices

GOST 12844-74

Highest Grade


Colorless transparent liquid

Density at 20 oC and pressure 760 mm Hg, /cm3


Fraction of total mass of epichlorhydrine, %, no less than


Total fraction of total mass of organic chloride admixtures, %, no more than


Incl. unsaturated compounds, %, no more than


Fraction of total mass of water %, no more than


Packing: In steel drums—200 liters each In tank containers—25 mts each

Payment term: L/C at sight

Item : Propylene Glycol

Mainly for the pharmaceutical, food, electrolyte, cosmetics, flavor spices, tobacco and other industries to provide high quality products: electrolyte solvent (DMC, EMC, DEC, PC, EC), pharmaceutical / food grade propylene glycol, food grade isopropyl alcohol, Dipropylene glycol, industrial grade dimethyl carbonate, isopropanol, propylene glycol, diisopropyl ether, etc. At the same time provide customers with comprehensive and professional technical services.

Packing: 80 x 215 KGS net drums with 17.2 MTS net or 20 x 1,000 KGS net IBC with 20 MTS net or the Disposable Flexitank of 22~23 MTS net in a 20ft.

Item: Acetone+

Product: ACETONE

Packaging: 160Kg Drum with or w/o pallet

Quantity: 1FCL (12.8MT/1FCL)

Price: FOB chinese port USD 940/MT

Validity: 5 business days

Shipment (ETD): Effective by Nov/Dec 2017

Payment term: T/T in advance or LC at sight

Specification: standard specification at request

Item: PVA (Poly vinyl Alcohol)

we can meet your specificaiton: Viscosity 83-98. Hydrolysis - 99%. PH Value 5-7.

The minimum price based on 1FCL(18tons) CIF

Novorossiysk by sea is ?/KG.


Delivery date:within two weeks after the order.

Item: Benzyl Alcohol


1) Molecular formula: C7H8O

2) Molecular weight: 108.13

3) Appearance: colorless and transparent liquid (not more than No. 3

of colorimetric standard solution)

4) Relative density (25/25oC): 1.042 - 1.047

5) Refractive index (20oC): 1.5380 - 1.5410

6) Content of benzyl alcohol: 98.0% (min.)

7) GC analysis (area normalization): 99.9 (min.)

8) Solubility in distilled water (25oC): one part soluble

in 30 parts (volume)

9) Boiling range (203 - 206oC): 95.0% (min.)

10) Content of phenyl aldehyde: 0.2% (max.)

11) Application: used in essences and chemical commodities

Packing: 200kg/iron drum

Qty/20, FCL: 16MT

Item: Phenol


ITEM : Acetaldehyde

Product: Acetaldehyde

Specs: Attached

Quantity: 17.00 Mt loaded in 1X20’ISO Tank

Packing: ISO Tank

Price: At request / FOB Nhava sheva, Mumbai India

Payment: LC

Shipment: Within 15 days

Load Port: Any Indian port

Discharge Port: N/A in FOB shipment

Country of origin: India

Item: Ethyl acetate

Also please find below our Ethyl Acetate offer in Drums, IBC and ISO Tank.

ISO Tank:

Product: Ethyl Acetate

Specs: At request

Quantity: 22.00 Mt loaded in 1X20’ISO Tank

Packing: ISO Tank

Price:At request FOB Nhava sheva, Mumbai India

Payment: LC

Shipment: Within 10-15 days after receiving your confirmed Purchase Order and 30% advance.

Load Port: Any Indian port

Discharge Port: N/A in FOB shipment

Country of origin: India

In Drum packing:

Product: Ethyl Acetate

Specs: at request

Quantity: 16.80 Mt loaded in 1X20’FCL

Packing: 210 Kg MS Drums with pallets

Price: at request FOB Nhava sheva, Mumbai India & CFR destination port.

Payment: LC

Shipment: Within 10-15 days

Load Port: Any Indian port

Discharge Port: N/A in FOB shipment OR, Newyork Port, USA as required

Country of origin: India

In IBC packing:

Product: Ethyl Acetate

Specs: Attached

Quantity: 18.00 Mt loaded in 1X20’FCL

Packing: IBC

Price:at request

Payment: LC

Shipment: Within 10-15 days

Load Port: Any Indian port

Discharge Port: N/A in FOB shipment OR, Newyork Port, USA as required

Country of origin: India

Item : Xylitol

Packing : 25kg bag with pallet. QTYper 20MT / FCL.

Products Area 4

Item : Potassium Hydroxide

Other names Caustic potash, Lye, Potash lye, Potassia,

Product name: Potassium Hydroxide white flake 90%

Grade: Industry grade

Offer: CFR Durban, South Africa usd868/mt

Package: 25kg bag, without pallet, 1000 bags in 20,fcl

Quantity: 1fcl, 25mt in 20,fcl

Shipment date: Early 2018 after PO

validity: one week

Product name: Potassium Hydroxide white flake 90%

Grade: Industry grade

Offer: CFR Baltimore/Maryland/USA usd870/mt

Package: 25kg bag, palletized with shrink wrapped, 940 bags in 20,fcl

Quantity: 1fcl, 22mt in 20,fcl

Shipment date: early 2018 after PO

Price validity: until 2017-11-30


Spcs: Appearance white flake

KOH assay: 90% min

Chloride: 0.005% max

K2CO3: 0.5% max

Sulfate(SO42-): 0.005% max

Nitrate & Nitrite(N): 0.0005% max

Fe: 0.0005% max

Heavy Metals(Pb): 0.002% max

Pakg: in 25 kgs net export worthy bag

Qty; 1x20’fcl = 22 mts on pallets


Item : Caustic Soda

Product Name: Sodium Hydroxide(Caustic Soda)

Chemical Formula: NaOH

Molecular Weight: 40

CAS No.: 1310-73-2

Form: Flakes, Pearls, Solid

UN: 1823

HS Code: 28151100.00

Item: Phosphoric acid

Uses: Organic compounds used in the cyclization agent and acylating agent, also used as orthophosphoric acid substitutes and reagents.

Packaging: Barrel

Item : Ascorbic Acid

Quantity per request

Ascorbic Acid USP 40-80 Mesh (25kg Carton)

min 1000kgs

Item : Hydrogen Peroxide

35 and 50%

1) Product: Hydrogen Peroxide 50%

Package: 65 kg blue HDPE polycans (UN approved)

FCL Capacity: 315 drums x 65 Kg = 20,475 MT

2) Product: Hydrogen Peroxide Technical Grade 35%

Package: 65 kg blue HDPE polycans (UN approved)

FCL Capacity: 315 drums x 65 Kg = 20,475 MT per container+

Products Area 5

Item : Barite

We have 3 grades of Barites.

Drilling, coating and chemical grade.

Following are details for our fastest moving barite .

Product: Drilling Grade Barite - 200 mesh

form: Drilling grade powder

Appearance color: yellow or off-white secretion

Uses: As a weighting agent, widely used in the oil and gas well industry.

Packaging: 1000 kg (tons of bags) / 1500 kg of plastic woven bags; can also be packaged according to customer requirements.




Barium sulfate

88% min


1ppm max


3ppm max

Ph value

7 ~ 8

Water-soluble alkaline earth metal (Calcium)

250 mg / kg max


3000 mgL max

200 mesh sieve residue

3.0% max


0.5% max

item : Bentonite

Item: Sulfonated Asphalt


* Drilling additives:

Gilsonite, Resinated Lignite, Sulfonated Lignite, Organic lignite, etc

*Cementing chemicals:

Cementing HTHP fluid loss control, cementing dispersant, cementing retarder, etc.

Item : Please inquire about our other non-metalic minerals

· Mica

· Zeolite

· Perlite

· Vermiculite

· Lava rock

· Sepiolite

· Steel fiber

· Barite

· Wollastonite

· tourmaline

· Brucite

· mineral wool

· ceramic ball

· pulp fiber

Item: Xanthan Gum

Mud grade and food grade

Product Area 6:

Item : Activated Carbon

We have differeent grades . Let us know your required specifications or application.

We offer activated carbon ,with price as below:

size:200 mesh

Iodine Adsorption> 800mg/g



packing:500KG bags


1. 20 FCLS load 10 tons, CIF Alexandria USD /T

2. 40 FCLS load 22 tons, CIF Alexandria USD /T

size:300 mesh

Iodine Adsorption> 800mg/g



packing:500KG bags

1. 20 FCLS load 10 tons, CIF Alexandria USD /T

2. 40 FCLS load 22 tons, CIF Alexandria USD /T

bec this is coal base powder activated carbon ,we can,t ship by LCL,

the price is valid for 5 working days.

If you have any question, pls feel free to contact us.

Item : Bitumen

Grade 60/70

Item : Naphthalene

Price Per Mt

Crude Naphthalene 1150$ Mt (power)

Refined Naphthalene 1250$ Mt (powder)

Naphthalene balls 1400$ Mt

ex factory price

Material Details

Crude Naphthalene: melting point will be 78.5 C

Refined Naphthalene : purity 99.2% above

Naphthalene balls : balls 4 gram to 6 gram

(we provide 0.5 to 16 gram per ball)

Packing Details

Crude Naphthalene Powder 25 kg bag

Refined Naphthalene powder 25 kg bag

Naphthalene Balls 12 Box Loose

(we also do packing from 100 gram to 5 kg as per your requirement)

validity 5 working days.

item :Coal Tar Pitch

We offer a wide range of Coal Tar Pitch an essential consumable in the aluminium industry. Coal tars are complex and variable mixtures of phenols, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic compounds. Continuous R&D efforts have enabled us to offer Coal Tar Pitch in a molten liquid form as well. This product used to make carbon electrodes required to produce aluminium. This range of products has lead to huge savings in terms of cost economics, handling and reaction time.

Our Normal Products, Specifications:

The Prime Products Coal Tar Pitch


Product Name & Code

IP Pitch

IP Pitch

Binder Pitch

Binder Pitch

Hard Pitch

Carbon Powder


IP - 001


BP/AL -003

BP/GR -004



DH 007

Sp. Gravity

> 1.27

> 1.27

> 1.30

> 1.31



> 1.18









Tl content (%)

< 18

< 18

< 35

< 35

< 48


< 18

Ql content (%)

< 0.5

< 3.0

8 to 12

10 to 16




Ash (%)

< 0.3

< 0.3

< 0.5

< 0.5

< 1.0

< 1.5

< 0.5

CV % by CC




> 54

> 58

> 58

> 25

item : Creosote Oil

We can offer extensive ranges of Coal Tar Products that include Creosote Oil. This product made from high quality material and available in light and heavy forms. The excellent properties of Creosote Oil work for preserving posts and wood that came in contact with the ground or in water like piers. This product is majorly used in phenyl industries and where the decay hazards are high. It also serves as feed stock of carbon black companies.

Typical Specification of Wood Preservatives (Creosote Oil)

Type I

Type II

Specific Gravity at 30X

1.003- 1.108


Distillation Limits %

Upto 205 X



Upto 230 X



Upto 315 X



Upto 355 X



Tar Acid



Toluene Insoluble


<0.4 -

Moisture %

<1.5 <1.5

Liquidity after heating up to 38 X and keeping at 32 X for 2 hours

Completely Liquid

Completely Liquid

Recommended for

General purpose, marine, timber. Railway sleepers and where decay hazard is high but some exudation of creosote in service is tolerable.

Telegraph and electricity transmission poles, fencing and structural timbers.

Product Area 7:

ITEM: Magnesium chloride flake 45%min,

1.white flake, check attachment 1,packing in 25kg bag,20mt into 1FCL,

2.yellow flake, check attachment 2,packing in 25kg bag,20mt into 1FCL,

Item: Copper Sulphate penta


Copper sulphate penta ,

Spcs : Assay 98.5% min

Cu 25.0% min

Water soluble matter 0.05% max

As 0.004% max

Heavy metal (Pb) 0.001% max

Pakg : in 25 kgs net export worthy bag

Qty : 1x20,fcl = 22 mts on pallets


Shipment: Dec., 2017

Product Area 8:

Item 1: Water Treatment Chemicals

Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon Coal Based

Activated Carbon Wood Based

Activated Carbon Coconut Based

Aluminium Sulphate

Aluminium Sulphate 16%

Aluminium Sulphate 17% (Non-Ferric)

Aluminium Sulphate 7.8% drinking water grade

Amino Trimethylene Phosphonic Acid (ATMP)

ATMP 50% Liquid

ATMP 95% Powder

Exchange Resin

Exchange resin Cation

Exchange resin Anion

Ferrous sulphate

Ferrous sulphate industry water grade

Ferric Chloride

Ferric Chloride 98% anhydrous

Ferric Chloride 45% (liquid)

1-Hydroxy Ethylidene-1,1-Diphosphonic Acid (HEDP)

HEDP 50% Liquid

HEDP 60% Liquid

HEDP 90% Crystal powder


PAC waste water grade (light yellow powder);

PAC drinking water grade(light yellow powder);

PAC-hight purity(white powder)


Cationic Polyacrylamide;

Anionic Polyacrylamide;

Nonionic Polyacrylamide;

Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate

SDIC industry water grade

SDIC drinking water grade

Sodium Polyacrylate

Sodium polyacrylate industry water grade

We are also flexible on the packaging methods that match all customers, requirements and needs for storage or shipping,

25 kgs plastic bag &1000 kgs Jumbo bag. 250kgs plastic drum &IBC

Item: Acrylamide

acrylamide, polyacrylamide used in oil field,water treatment,paper making,etc.

Item: Polyacrylamide

3 grades: Cationic , ionic and nonionic

anionic polyacrylamide series product is easily soluble in water and nearly insoluble in benzene, diethyl ether and acetone. It is widely used in oil extraction, mineral separation, coal washing, metallurgy, chemical, paper making, textile, sugar making, medical, construction material and agricultural industry.

Products area 9

Item : DDB Cable oil

( n-Dodecylbenze)

5,399.00 gallons /Flexitank

10,798 Gallons per shipment

DDB Cable Oil


Item: Sodium DDBSA ( Sodium dodecylbenene sulfonate)

CAS# 123-01-3 is a C11, our base DDBSA is a C10 to C16. The NaDDBSA is typically used in cleaning chemicals. packed in 450 Lb drums.

Item: Propionyl Chloride, CAS 79-03-8

Packing: 200kg per plastic drum, 16MT/20,ft container without pallet

600KG (3 drums): USD7.40/KG, CIF Houston port by sea

1000KG (5 drums): USD6.40/KG, CIF Houston port by sea

5000KG (25 drums): USD5.40/KG, CIF Houston port by sea

16000KG (80 drums): USD5.30/KG, CIF Houston port by sea

Lead time: about 10-15 working days after payment confirmed

Offer validity: before 5 Working days

Item: Morpholin


Morpholene 99%


16,000 kg


CIF – Newark / Los Angeles


In 200 kg drums on pallet


5 business days

Delivery time

Prompt available subject unsold (TRANSIT TIME = 35 Days)

Item: Color chemicals

We have Acid , basic, neutral and other color chemicals.

We welcome receipt of your required Dyes and Pigments

Please note the price of Basic Blue 9 @ USD 23.31 / KG FOB India

All Certificate of analysis are available for all products on request.

Sales Manager

Name of product requested:________________________

1) Total annual Volume :

2) Quantity per Shipment :

3) Packing size:

4) Delivery schedule :

5) Port of destination :

6) Specifications :

7) Target Price :

8) Payment method :

9) Name of the final decision maker on our offer:

10) How many days validity do you need to make a decision:

11) date of inquiry:___________________________

To INQUIRE on any of our products in this mailing, PLEASE FILL OUT above, and return by email.

we will be delighted to respond within 24 hours.


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