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Bus and/or trike (tuk tuk) solar stations

Bus and/or trike (tuk tuk) solar stations


Catalog #91925

Catagory: Solar/Wind-Power
Dragon's Price: CONTACT US
Date Added: February 11, 2018 22:09
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Bus and/or trike (tuk tuk) solar stations

Solar stations seeking JV partner investor (NOT LOAN) to start fabrication and distribution in Phnom Penh Cambodia.

Bus or/and trike (tuk tuk) solar waiting stations with LED advertising and free cellular phone charging

Creates solar power awareness .

The fantastic solar charging stations go hand in hand with our electric Trident tricar project

Our 2017 Trident tricar are electric powered and can be charged from our unique solar waiting stations.

Our proposal is to phase out the old existing tuk tuks and replace with electric solar power charged modern taxis that are more aesthetically pleasing, quite and safe in all weather .

The project is quite detailed and requires a face to face meeting to discuss all but basically we need to open a small showroom / office and 2,000 sq mtr assembly area where tridents and solar stations will be assembled in Cambodia

The program includes repainting of old tuk tuks and in a program we will present to the Asian Development Bank and the Government will subsidize the drivers into the new vehicles.

The old tuk tuks will be refurbished and donated to poor farmers .

It will take a year or more to implement

Stage one requires only $150,000 for establishment of office / showroom and importation of display and test vehicles .

We believe ADB will finance the initial bulk stocks .

There is over 6,000 tuk-tuks in the city of Phnom Penh alone, according to the Independence Democratic of Informal Economic Association (IDEA), a union that represents tuk-tuk drivers among other members.

We are offering the investor 60% of profits until the investment is returned and after that 40% ownership for life .

We will duplicate same project in Philippines as stage II

We wish to create better environments and work for unskilled labor in Cambodia and Philippines

Cambodia Tuk Tuk phase out program old tuk tuks are a cause of pollution and 20 and 30 kilometres per litre.

New 2017 Trident Taxi .

We have redesigned our interior and the mega taxi can now seat 6 in rear and one extra up front if steering is made LHD or RHD rather then center

Please do consider this unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor with these super low cost fully electric in a city taxi tricars !!

Trident Tricars is 100% wholly owned by Asian Dragon International

What are the requirements to become a Trident distributor?

Like any reputable and established brand, Asian Dragon,s Trident tricars has identified specific criteria which will help us locate and maintain key markets for the various Trident models. This includes advertising/marketing strategies, business development plans, signage, floor layout and space.

How much does it cost to become a Trident distributor?

Our Exclusive Distributorship Package for country exclusivity and includes, but is not limited to promotional brochures and posters and T-Shirts, baseball caps and other promo gear as available at the time. These will be shipped after payment for your exclusivity has been received. (visit the Franchising Page for details)

What are the spare parts requirements I must maintain?

To be able to offer excellent support services to your clients and Trident owners we require that you offer spare parts supply a minimum of six (6) days a week average hours 9 to 5, parts/accessories shipments and service updates and manuals will be automatically added to your ongoing orders and will average 5 % of the value of your unit orders. We include 2% free fast moving parts with each vehicle. Notice not included in Dealership package.

How much space does Trident Worldwide require for the actual distributorship facility?

You should meet the minimum square footage requirements for your facility of 1000 sq ft. This includes display areas, parts and service support areas.

What about franchise fees? What is the cost? How frequently do I have to renew?

Trident distributorship are permitted to offer franchises within their territory. There is no set franchise fee so the distributor may charge what they believe is reasonable, Asian Dragon International will not share in these fees, however we require that the master dealership registers the franchises. Sub dealerships and franchises are bound by the terms of the master distributor,s agreement and also MUST provide spare parts service.

From the time I submit my complete application, how long will it take to know if I am approved or not? How will I know?

What the final status is? Although each case is different, once your completed application has been received by us (which includes original signed documents and background information requested), you should usually know within 48 hours, if your application has been approved Trident Worldwide will be in contact with you by email. Delay maybe due to our requesting an already existing applicant to take up his ,First right of refusal, If not taken up within the prescribed time , usually 7 days, your application will be processed.

2017 electric bike and scooter plug in solar station



The 2016 ADI SOLAR Transport Shelter provides shade from the sun, a shield from the rain, and a safe evening light from its LED lamps.

Lighted shelters improve riders, sense of safety after dark and make it easier for Trike and jeepney operators to see waiting patrons at night.

The above model is our lowest cost shelter ADIGS-shelter-021 US $ 2,875 / Piece FOB

If we could only capture the Sun ...... We can !!!!

To some people, this technology alone would seem to be not very transformative. It might even seems trivial, but the idea behind it is by no means trivial. The idea here is, of course, not just putting the solar panel in a bus shelter, but to embed renewable sources of energy in everyday devices/places.

This idea is very powerful because most forms of renewable energy such as solar is readily accessible almost anywhere. So if you want to light up a street in the middle of a desert, you can do that. We need to exploit this and start using renewable energy everywhere we can.

After all we can only gain from this! What is there to lose, and wouldn,t you rather want a bright future with clean energy ?

Below is the ADIGS- Bus stop-036

US $ 5,268

ABOVE ADIGS-DB0317 US $ 4,333.00

ADIGS-Trike, jeepney or Bus stop-015 US $ 5,766.00

ADIGS- Bus stop-024 US $ 5,500



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