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Pop up container house / canteen

Pop up container house / canteen


Catalog #95275

Catagory: Housing
Dragon's Price: CONTACT US
Date Added: May 14, 2018 21:20
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The pop up container house is a compact and mobile unit that uncovers a fully operational coffer bar /shop/ restaurant in around 90 seconds at the touch of a button.

A 20ft shipping container transforms into a functioning operating area also is covered eating space is provided for up to 28 people (with bistro seating for 14) when the walls of the container are folded back and tables assembled.

Here is the price list for the container bar:

A- 1 side Pop Up Container House

Frame: 20, shipping container

Desc: one side pop up container, Electro-hydraulic flying wing for 6m side

Offer: FOB shanghai, USD14,000.00 per unit

MOQ: 1 unit

B- 2 SIDE Pop Up Container House

Frame: 20, shipping container

Desc: two side pop up container, 6m side both. Electro-hydraulic flying wing for 6m side, 2 set.

Offer: FOB shanghai, USD18,500.00 per unit

MOQ: 1 unit

C- 3 SIDE Pop Up Container House

Frame: 20, shipping container

Desc: two side pop up container, 6m side and 2.4m side. Electro-hydraulic flying wing for 6m side and hand-hydraulic for 2.4m side.

Offer: FOB shanghai, USD21,000.00 per unit

MOQ: 1 unit

(Middle is 20, container bar and right is 40, container bar in factory.

It would come with:

1. 20, shipping container frame, second hand/new on option

2. Electro-hydraulic flying wing for 3 side

3. Floor system: Alu floor with plywood and square brackets

4. 50mm rockwool insulation

5. Inner partition for hydraulic system

6. Electricity: 3C/CE/UL/SAA valid

2.5mm Electrical cable,

Power points,


Power board with Circuit Beakers

External Caravan Plug.

7. Finish Materials:-

Insulation to both Walls and Roof

Skirting & Architraves

Gyprock & Cornice

8. Choice of toilet room/kitchen cabinet/stair/verandah/handrail/Solar Power also more according your demand.


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