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4,826 hp Ice Classed Anchor Handling / Supply Tug

4,826 hp Ice Classed Anchor Handling / Supply Tug


Catalog #97100

Catagory: Ships/Vessels/Boats
Dragon's Price: CONTACT US
Date Added: July 08, 2018 23:25
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The specs don’t mention it, but she is FiFi-1 rated. P

Lease let me know if she is of interest.

She can be inspected in the Caspian Sea.

4,826 hp Ice Classed Anchor Handling / Supply Tug

This 4,826 hp Ice Classed Anchor Handling / Supply Tug was built in Turkey, in 2010. Its' Classification Society and Notation is RMRS (Russian Maritime Register of Shipping) - Ice A1. Its next Dry Dock will be in July of 2018, its' next Special Survey will be in October of 2020, and its' next Annual Survey will be in January of 2018.

Flag: Russia

Location: Caspian

For Charter

Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics

Year Built: 2010

Classification Society/Notation: RMRS (Russian Maritime Register of Shipping) - Ice A1

Hull Material: Steel

Length Over All: 49.98 m 164 feet

Beam: 13.35 m 44 feet

Draft: 3.25 m 11 feet

Depth: 4.85 m 16 feet

GRT / NRT: 943 / 282

Deadweight: 400 tonnes

Bollard Pull: 57 tonnes

Light Ship: 1,090 tonnes

Displacement: 1,470 tonnes

Speed Cruising: 12 knots


16 Persons (Crew + PAX)

Air Conditioned

Machinery and Propulsion

Main Engines (2):

Make/Model: Wartsila / 9L20

Power: 1,800 kW x 2 2,413 hp x 2

Auxiliary Engines (2):


Power: 240 kW x 2 322 hp x 2

Main Propulsion System: Twin screw

Propellers: 2

Deck Area

Deck Space: 184 cubic meters 240 cubic yards

Length: 24 m 79 feet

Breadth: 10 m 33 feet

Deck Strength: 5 tonnes / m2

Deck Cargo Bay:

Containers (12): 6 m x 12 20 feet x 12

Tank Capacities

Fuel Oil Tanks: 70 cubic meters 92 cubic yards

Fuel Oil Consumption: 15 tonnes @ 100%

Fresh Water Tanks: 15 cubic meters 20 cubic yards

Ballast Tanks: 493 cubic meters 645 cubic yards

Lubricant Oil Tank: 7 cubic meters 9.2 cubic yards

Sewage Tank: 7.4 cubic meters 9.7 cubic yards

Bilge Water Holding Tank: 11.7 cubic meters 15.3 cubic yards

H.F.O. Tank: 22 cubic meters 29 cubic yards

Cargo Tank Capacities

M.G.O. Tank: 94 cubic meters 123 cubic yards

Recovered Oil Tank: 116 cubic meters 152 cubic yards

Sewage Tank: 226 cubic meters 296 cubic yards

Sewage Mud Tank: 90 cubic meters 118 cubic yards

Fresh Water Tank 142 cubic meters 186 cubic yards

Cargo Pumps

Fuel Oil: 80 cubic meters per hour 105 cubic yards per hour

Fresh Water: 60 cubic meters per hour 79 cubic yards per hour

Sewage: 50 cubic meters per hour 65 cubic yards per hour

Mud Sewage: 25 cubic meters per hour 33 cubic yards per hour

Deck Equipment

Deck Crane: 2 tonnes @ ISm boom

Stern Roller: 900 mm - L; 4.10 m, 60 tonnes

Main Winch:

Make/Model: Ridderinkhof / AMW·H1000

Brake Holding Drum Capacity: 105 tonnes

Towing Drum Capacity: 105 tonnes

Anchor Handling Drum:

Speed: 5 MT / m - 12.5 MT / m

Storage Capacity: 850 MT x 40 mm, 750 MT x 42 mm

Tow Wire: 750 mx x 42 mm

Spare Wire: 700 mx x 42 mm

All details on these pages are given in good faith and are believed to be accurate but no warranty of accuracy or completeness or suitability for purpose is either stated or implied.



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