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For Sale: Refurbished Humvee Engines And Other Military Truck Engines

For Sale: Refurbished Humvee Engines And Other Military Truck Engines


Catalog #97422

Catagory: AUTO parts
Dragon's Price: CONTACT US
Date Added: July 27, 2018 01:08
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Refurbished Humvee Engines And Other Military Truck Engines

see attached

6.2 engines with warranty for $5,500 each

Here is what we will do

We will pull down. Check the bottom end and magna flux and check heads etc

Run for an hour or so, bring up to temperature under load and make sure everything is good

Sell 6.2 long blocks with warranty for $8,000

The 6.2 long blocks would be rebuilt to OEM specifications

Possible negotiation on price depending on a prompt order, size of order, payment details, and any or complete specifications provided


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